Bard vs DWC bashing

I've just picked up bard for a multiclass, for the purpose of hopefully faster hunting. My main class is druid. Druid is pretty tanky, so I have been really annoyed with the incredible squishiness of being a bard (both classes traited Con, Champion + Robust). 

So I've been told that it's better once you have Harmonics, because then you have "Anthem for damage absorbtion, gigue for eq reduction, continuo for health regen, wassail for mana regen, canticle for bal reduction, hallelujah for affliction removal," and bataglia to carry your harmonics from room to room.

The thing is-- I don't want to embrace class until I'm sure that bard is not going to continue to make me hate it. Will harmonics make enough of a difference that I won't be so aggravated anymore?

If not, my other favorite choice is DWC runewarden. I've heard these two classes (bard and runie) are about the fastest, or perhaps THE fastest, hunters out there. I like the flavor of both classes pretty well. It does not matter too much how they do in group or 1v1 combat. They both have interesting group mechanics I like, and I will be preferring druid for any 1v1 I do. I'm assuming runewardens are a lot more tanky than bards, due to the full plate and runes, but of course I don't really know.

So... advice, please?

****One other question I had is how to be able to move over mountains in the wilderness, since neither bard nor runewarden seem to have any dash or fly abilities (except for Raido, which is a one-way ticket). I really miss flying. :(


  • Canticle and gigue only work on allies now. Bard and Serpent are top tier bashers artied out, and are just above decent without artefacts. Harmonics make the big difference.

    We'd need to see your arties for sure. But if you're not rocking out the Artie train/bandwagon then definitely pursue dual cutting in my opinion. They tank, 24h hunting runes, can sketch uruz if you need it, etc. I bashed to dragon as a con spec runie as my second class with up to algiz in runelore and trans weaponmastery. 

    @Cooper has hunted extensively in most classes, so he could give a better answer.
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    Canticle and gigue affect the bard's allies, not the bard that plays them. Battaglia enables the bard to push their harmonics to an adjacent location, andante allows the bard to call them to the current location.

    I can't compare bard to runie, only know bard, and artebard at that.

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  • If you're going to be bashing without artefacts I would definitely suggest Runewarden over Bard. Bard needs a good amount of arties to really get the most out of bashing.

    Runewarden is also good in PK too so you won't be hindered there.

    I would overall say that picking up a second class before transing out most of your main skills is a mistake though - you should be at minimum trans survival and avoidance along with your regular class abilities.

    I don't think that Druid is horrible at bashing either and is solid for unartied people.

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    I don't artie. I don't have much money to spend on games. (I can spend a LITTLE, but since I have to be very economic about it, I'd probably buy something very generally useful, like a sip ring, if/when I do buy artefacts.) I did tri-trans my druid class skills-- have a good bit of survival but zero avoidance. Thank you everyone!
  • If I were in your situation I wouldn't even think about getting a second class, and would be transing avoidance.

    Avoidance lowers physical damage (blunt and cutting) done to you by roughly 12-13%. Pretty much every character should have this transed if they have their class skills finished, and focusing in survival.

  • Also in regards to your other question, simply put you need to get riding for gallop. Or walk one room into the tundra and have someone dash to the location and prism to them or have them brazier you. No real other solutions, sorry. :(
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    Thanks, Cooper, I will definitely trans avoidance ASAP. 

    Thanks, Kythra-- Side question, are there mounts that can fly? I know there is the "flying mount" ability in Riding, so I assume there are flying mounts available for sale somewhere (i.e., not custom mounts but the mounts sold in the various villages) ... ? I would assume the eagle, hippogriff, and Pegasus from Genji can all fly?
  • They can fly, yes. That helps a lot when you want to move in the wilderness and don't have gallop/dash.

  • Gallop in Riding comes before Flying, I'm pretty sure. But a flying mount (and the ability to ride it) would be something I might like to save up for one day.
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    misread something, never mind
  • Fly in as druid. Plan to spend 12 hours there. Class swap :lol:
  • Oh, if you are just going to hunt, DWC is definitely at the top. Unartied, DWC definitely overshine Bard due to tankiness and runes. Fully artied and str specced, DWC DPS is neck on neck with Bard. Bard will be a bit quicker if you take into account cantata and dwinnu, but DWC's crit is better as you don't get PRC on accentato hit that wouldn't kill. If tankiness is the issue now, DWC is your answer.
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