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Hey guys, I've been thinking about releasing my seafaring triggers and aliases on here for a while. I like sailing a lot(obviously), and I'm still slowly working on putting together a thing to make ship trades easier too, which I'll put in here later. Right now, this is the aliases and triggers that I use for fighting and stuff on the sea.

Once you get these loaded in either via the package manager or import, there are a few different things:

-Turning the ship is done with 'c <dir>', and it works with non-cardinal directions as well. So, for example, c nne, c s, c urmom, etc.

-You can row/full sails with 'c fs'.

-You can repair without maintaining by 'c r' or repair WITH maintaining with 'c rm'.

-Nothing's automated except shooting ballista at seamonsters. I don't really believe in higher end automation, so if you're looking for some kind of win, piss off.

-There are a lot of weapon aliases for doing different things, like shooting at seamonsters or a ship. Look at them and get familiar with them.

-Feel free to change the substitutions I have in there. It's not perfect and there's still a lot to be done. If you guys have any questions, feel free to post here if I'm afk/asleep, or send me a message or tell. If I don't respond, just msg me or post here.



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  • @Pertius just said he had a novice who was using Svof running this, but couldn't get the curing to turn off. You'll want to change the aliases and stuff to look like this:

    </code><code>if matches[2] == "loadb" then
    	send("load ballista with dart`fire ballista at seamonster")
    elseif matches[2] == "loadbd" then
    	send("load ballista with dart dipped`fire ballista")

    That's a roughshod way to do it, but it should work - assuming your healing is on to begin with. If you do this, you'll also want to make sure you put expandAlias("pp") in the Curing On trigger too, to re-enable your healing.

  • </code><code>if matches[2] == "loadb" then
  "on", true)
    	send("load ballista with dart`fire ballista at seamonster")
    elseif matches[2] == "loadbd" then
  "on", true)
    	send("load ballista with dart dipped`fire ballista")

    ^ is what it'll look like with Svof added in.

  •"off", true)
    send("ship repair all")
    ^ is what it'll look like in the Curing On trigger.

    Remember that you'll want to change the command separator in the aliases/triggers. I use the ` character, so change that to whatever you use.

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    RTFM and all some a little becomes clear :D

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    Deucalion says, "Torinn is quite nice."
  • Oh, this is exactly what I needed. Thanks for the awesome job!
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  • recently installed, and have been having trouble with the balista refire, wondering if anyone has had any issues
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