Jester Artefacts



  • KlendathuKlendathu Eye of the Storm
    Minifie said:
    Voli said:
    Are any of the memento items permanent? (plz. forgive slight derail)
    The talisman pieces are. 
    Until you complete the tapestry, if memory serves

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  • Dominius said:
    HELP MEMENTOES and get fairy wings while levelling. Fairy wings go well with jesters. Also people selling mementoes at low prices these days, or is my thinking wrong? Buy 65 mementoes for 130 credits and save 670 for something cool.

    Thanks for the advise (to everyone really)! I am a dragon in fact, so while I am still "levelling" it is less important now :)

    So far, I see a divided yes-wings/no-wings camp leaning towards yes-wings and no real suggestions for upgrading lvl 1 defensive artefacts or recommendation for pebble/vibrating stick.

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