Best kill line?



  • Vivisect is and always will the best kill line for me. I miss it very much. Not only is it, in my opinion, the best kill line, but it is also the most satisfying execute/kill ability for me as well.
  • I like Angel Absolve and then also killing them via Inquisition.  Absolve's text is pretty awesome, then the deathsight text for Inquisition is awesome.  X is burned to ashes by the righteous fury of Y (or something like that).  Of course I may be biased.
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  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    Speaking strictly about instant-kills, I like Dictate's elegance and its awesome deathsight.

    Disembowel's execution and deathsight are pretty nice, too. Those are my two classes, though, so perhaps I am biased too.

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  • AerekAerek East Tennessee, USA
    Heartseed is probably my overall winner. The concept is brutal, it fits beautifully with the Sylvan theme, the writing aesthetic is well done, and it leaves the same in-room token that Vivisect does, without being over-the-top like I feel Vivisect is.

    I do like Dictate a lot, though. I just still have pre-Retribution-nerf PTSD that skews my perception against it.
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  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    I've always liked the Deathstrike messages. It's oldschool too, punching someone hard enough to disrupt their heartbeat and kill them. Pretty badass.

  • the deathsights for tumbling off impale and old tekura wrench(?) throw are pretty brutal too.
  • Puppet Obliterate

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  • I'm much after the era of Puppet Obliterate that people have mentioned - does anyone have a log of what that looks like?
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    It was different for Shaman and Jester:
    With horror, you see and, worse, feel maggots begin to burrow up from under your
    skin. You begin to choke as they start to swell up in your throat, and the last
    thing you feel is the pain of being consumed alive.


    Maggots begin to burrow up from the skin of , who tries to scream, but succeeds
    only in coughing up the maggots that are consuming him from the inside out. In
    seconds he is dead, and his body is completely eaten by the maggots.


    You put your mouth near the doll's ear, and whisper, very softly, "Die." The eyes of
    the doll bulge and an instant later maggots begin burrowing up from beneath the skin.
    They quickly consume the doll, obliterating it completely. Maggots begin to burrow up
    from the skin of Hermaldo, who tries to scream, but succeeds only in coughing up the
    maggots that are consuming him from the inside out. In seconds he is dead, and his
    body is completely eaten by the maggots.
    You have slain Hermaldo.

    With a loud BOOM, your body suddenly and violently explodes in all directions,
    ending your life instantly!


    You put a firecracker into the puppet's mouth, and quickly light the short fuse.
    Very soon after, it explodes with devastating results. Your poor puppet has been
    essentially obliterated.
    With a loud BOOM, Yarantan suddenly and violently explodes in all directions,
    killing him instantly!
    You have slain Yarantan.

  • Why isn't that Shaman obliterate line still a thing.. I understand why obliterate is no more.. But

    It's so good.
  • Lyrin said:

    Both sentinel ones are awesome:

    With a bestial howl you let the bloodlust take you, launching yourself upon your helpless prey. The crunch and snap of bone and tendons is a backdrop for the agonised screams of Mizik, as you tear him limb from bloody limb.

    Taking hold of a mithril spear with both hands, you allow yourself a moment to revel in the knowledge that this one shall be returned to the embrace of nature. Bracing your feet, you deliver a tremendous blow to the petrified form of Mizik, which explodes in a shower of stone shards.

    They also have badass deathsights. The dismember one is probably my favorite in the game: Enemy has been torn limb from limb by the primal fury that is Scion Rom Corten.

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  • Oh man the Obliterate is so good :(
  • Dismember is also my favourite (no bias here, I promise).
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  • I like engage's deathsight! Got owned for being a punk bitch. 

    Damnation by far the best, tho (I still want Order-specific Damnation messages plz :(
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