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  • 10/10 would buy.

  • I fling 100,000 gold sovereigns at Farrah, the gold blinds her and strips her of starburst defense and anyone who touches her with Devotional hands will lose their hands, because who said money can't buy happiness?
  • Ozmatiah said:
    An idea for a gold sink I'm kind of pulling from a cell phone game that I play, but the idea would be a yearly contest that the cities would compete in. Something that would be quest based that costs some level of gold. 

    Here is a horrible rough idea of an implementation, Tasur'ke  Harbour wants goods to be delivered back, and these goods have a variable cost of say 1k,5k,10k,25k and require some amount of time to work, say maybe an half hour or less to manage to do whatever quest.  End of the year the city that performs the most amount of trade/goods delivered or what not gets something like the effigy, but it can have a random effect, similar to alchemy for the next year.  Would give the minister of trade something to do, a way to spend some gold for an effect, with some level of RP as well.

    Granted the idea can be absolutely changed, but much like shards to the underrealm, something you can do every year for a bonus, at a cost. And you could even track it like riddles/explorers/whatever for extra meaningless but people still care incentive.

    Maybe it's a horrible idea who knows!

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    Not a gold sink and going off on a tangent here : One of the major reasons I'm apprehensive about spending money is what I perceive as lesser value relative to other forms of entertainment (even though Achaea has definitely improved over the past few years and the admins have done excellent work).

    I don't have the numbers in regards to new player influx/retention rates but I'm wondering if genuine newbies are actually put off by the cost of advancing their characters, hence less overall flow of credits in the economy from a viable source. 

    My suggestion is to devalue the rl cost of credits and hire part-time PR to reach out to game bloggers/journalists(like IGN and PCGamer) to attract more new players and increase overall credit flow. Though either way, if it doesn't affect IRE's bottom line, probably won't be implemented and I'm cognizant of niche games having different business models.

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  • They could have done that 15 years ago, but not now.

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