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Hello, I've done some searches and googling, found a couple scripts, but apparently most links are old or broken. I'm looking for something to make harvesting, gathering, extraction, synthesis, etc a bit easier. Yes, I could totally make a crap ton of aliases to do this, but I'd rather have something a bit more clean. If anyone can put something decent together that would be great, I can pay if needed. Thanks.


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    I don't have anything for synthesis, but check out the links in my signature. P sure I've got the rest in there somewhere.
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  • That works, thanks.
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    This one by @Mishgul is pretty awesome for Harvesting, Gathering, and Extracting!

    It's just missing the harvesting definitions for Svof in the latest version, which he really ought to update back in. But they can easily just be added onto a new script in the Harvesting folder so the custom prompt works.

    function HarvestingDefinitions()
    	svo.adddefinition("@harvmode", "returnHarvMode()")
    function returnHarvMode()
    	local string = ""
     	if harvesting then
    		string = string .. "[Harv]"
    	if extracting then
    		string = string .. "[Extr]"
    	if gathering then
    		string = string .. "[Gath]"
    	return string

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  • That's amazingly hot... thank you!
  • On a slightly different note... does anyone have a working conjuration script I can have/buy/steal or what ever? I've tried using some of the enchanting scripts I've found but the only working one I found has missing pieces. Since I'm not a coder I don't know how to fix it without ruining everything, which by the way, I'm amazing at doing.

    If anyone has anything please let me know, thank you!
  • There is one inside Svo
  • Okay, didn't think to look there, found it. Do you know if I have to set anything up, can it do multiples at a time, etc?
  • The documentation is your friend:

    If you have the medallion, use "vconfig haveenchantmentmedallion", if you don't have a standard pack or need to specify a pack ID, use vconfig enchantgetgold <command> and vconfig enchantputgold <command>
  • Thank you! You're amazing!
  • Uhhh... something else, I don't see anything in the script for imbuing on scrolls.. is it in there and I'm just not seeing it?
  • just use the scroll as item to enchant
  • Okay, I'm just an idiot I think. I believe I've figured it out. Thank you again :)
  • </code></pre><pre class="CodeBlock"><code><br>

    input_var = "1123" --Coming from another function/event/trigger etc

    output_var = ""


    table1 = {


    var1 = {store1 = "command1", store2 = "command2", store3 = "command3", store4 = "command4", currentcount = 1, count = 4},

    var2 = {store1 = "command1", store2 = "command2", store3 = "command3", store4 = "command4", currentcount = 1, count = 4},

    var3 = {store1 = "command1", store2 = "command2", currentcount = 1, count = 2},

    var4 = {store1 = "command1", store2 = "command2", store3 = "command3", currentcount = 1, count = 3},






    -- var1, var2 etc will be numbers

    -- input_var will be number

    -- command1, command2, etc will be string



    for i ,v in pairs(table1) do


    if i == input_var then


    output_var =[currentcount]


    currentcount = currentcount + 1


    if currentcount == count then


    currentcount = 1








    So basically if var1 is the same as input_var and var1.currentcount is 1 then output_var should be command1,then var1.currentcount should be 2.


    else if var2 is the same as input_var  and var2.currentcount is 4 then output_var should be command4, then var2.currentcount should reset back to 1

  • Trying to remember what's the proper way to combine stored values and strings to reference already defined keys in a way that would make above script work, apologies for bad post layouts writing from phone.
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    If you want to access the value referenced in a table by a variable key, you need to use the square bracket notation:

    v["store" .. currentcount]

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