Disown - Command/Artie?



  • Ahmet said:
    Bad jokes are bad.
    You wound me.

    - To love another person is to see the face of G/d
    - Let me get my hat and my knife
    - It's your apple, take a bite
    - Don't dream it ... be it

  • RyldaghRyldagh Ontario, Canada
    Family clans are this.

    Start a family clan, invite everyone in the family.  When you 'disown' someone, you kick them out of the clan.  Just like in RL, when you disown a family member, they're STILL RELATED TO YOU, they just don't come to family functions.

    You're not supposed to bloodline people you adopt (the thing specifically says that adoption is not bloodlining) so there's 0 reason to be able to remove someone from your bloodline.  But there are PLENTY of reasons to remove someone from your family clan.

  • I know of at least one case for the justification for bloodlining being done magically post hoc. It doesn't really strain my imagination if somebody could perform a ritual or something and magically make themselves not related to somebody.

    [spoiler]Okay, it totally does strain my imagination a little bit, 'cause that person still physically came out of somebody at some point in time. But it certainly doesn't strain it to the breaking point.[/spoiler]
  • Disown is strictly an RP thing.  There is no way it will get changed into a mechanic, but having both done and been on the receiving end of disowning it was role played out and while the random conversation happens, for the daughter that disowned me i still call her daughter we just don't speak to each other and I'm fairly confident she doesn't call me dad.  For me though I simply dont call the one I pretty much disowned anything but thier given name. 

    Short version: RP is good
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