Your Character vs Races, Cities, Classes

Hey everyone!

I'm brand new to Achaea, pretty much new to MUD, relatively experienced in roleplay in general, and still have no idea what's going on. But that's okay!

I ended up with my race, class, and city basically just going on gut and picking things that seemed interesting with no real concept of the game world. Pretty much now I'm just running around blind and putting things together as it comes. Trying to "common-sense" it all, but I'm still barely even grazing the tip of the iceberg.

I haven't really gotten into the RP aspect of it yet, even though I really want to. I've put it on back burner while I try to get a grasp on the basic mechanics (hasn't really happened yet, but maybe once I find a mentor things will be clearer). Anyway now I'm getting there, and I wanted to get a sense of the different types of characters in what could be an interesting way.

Basically, how does your character react to each of the different races? The different classes? The different cities? I want to learn about the world through your characters' eyes and figure out who my Uskawiyya is through that. I'm a Xoran Infernal in Mhaldor, so obviously anything considering that would me most applicable to me, but I'm interested in everything that's out there. This game seems super deep and detailed and I'm eager to dive in. 



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    You might be able to gleam some relevant information from this thread:

    A few nice posts in there about Mhaldor and arpee and such.

    Quick personal thoughts:

    Xorani is a good race.  I think of them as mini dragons - I like them.  They have a super interesting backstory too.

    Infernal is a traditional knight, in the theme of evil.  With 2 enormous weapons and the best armor in the game, they can be a rather intimidating presence.  You can smell them from a mile away, too (that necromancer breath)!

    Mhaldorians tend to be rather clicke.  Often times I see a mhaldorian and think "I could hang out with them" but yeah, no, I'm a rogue so I don't get the time of day.  Joining mhaldor is a great way to make some new best friends though, if you don't mind a little hazing.  They really look out for their own and they also really love their rp.

    I'd say you made solid choices to start.  Let those guys in Mhaldor help you develop - you have some real topnotch resources there - and you'll pick up quick.

    Welcome to the community!
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  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WA
    Wonderful post, Uskawiyya, and welcome to the community!

    Aodfionn's stance on races:

    - Humans are impressive and adaptable, but one should never forget that they segregated themselves from the other races for a long time, only deigning to integrate with others when it suited their military needs. Humans are fickle and short-sighted, but also industrious and clever. 

    - Tsol are almost revered; their relationship with the natural world is something to be admired. 

    - Mhun are just tiny humans who got locked underground for too long.

    - Atavians are just humans with wings and their own goofy religion.

    - Trolls are, of course, the ubermensch of Sapience. Extremely powerful but abandoned in their earliest years, we only ever joined the cities because the Church saw our potential for warfare. 

    - Xoran and Grook are seemingly alien but tend to be among the most hard-working members of society. Lots of sympathy for them, and for all of the races that don't look like some flavor of basic human (Tsol, Mhun, Atavian, Human, Dwarf). 

    Stance on cities:

    - Ashtan supports Chaos, which is slowly eroding our world. Burn 'em!

    - Mhaldor supports Evil, which offers an uneven distribution of opportunities and growth. Burn 'em!

    - Hashan backs Darkness, whose patron basically wants to destroy the world so he can remake it himself. Burn 'em! (but feel bad, because Hashan's efforts in the coalition have been impressive). 

    - Targossas needs to get its shit together.

    - Eleusis is 85% right and 15% wrong about the current state of world affairs. 

    - Cyrene's a lost cause, fifty years on from the loss of Devotion.
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  • Welcome aboard, always nice to see a genuine new player !
  • I think every character has differing opinions on everything. For instance, Omor (when I'm actually RPing and not talking combat OOCly) has a severe hatred for Mhun, but couldn't care less about any other race, for his own reasons. City feelings come more from what city you belong to, usually. Omor is Ashtani, so he pretty much just wants everyone to succumb to Chaos.

    From an OOC perspective, I think all of the races/cities have some fantastic history, and are extremely interesting.

    Omor Ceberek - Targossas

    got gud
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    Uskawiyya said:
    Basically, how does your character react to each of the different races? The different classes? The different cities?

    Humans - what Sarathai started as. Curiously, no specific opinion beyond that.
    Tsol'aa/Tsol'dasi - as a whole, respected for their attitude to Nature (although the 'dasi are a bit iffy in some areas). Exceptions obviously exist.
    Grook - Frogs and/or toads because it's a running joke with a friend.
    Xoran - mix between pity for their Krenindalan past and idle interest at their link with dragons.
    Greater Dragons - probably sees himself more as a Dragon than a human nowadays. Gold is obviously the most superior colour (other than white).
    Siren - annoyingly promiscuous.
    Mhun, Atavian, Troll, Satyr, Horkval, Rajamala - no specific opinion.


    Ashtan - Chaos' sock puppet. Raze it and kill 'em all.
    Mhaldor - drop the island and everything on it into the ocean and drown 'em all.
    Hashan - destroyed huge swathes of the Ithmias, raze it. We'll set up a second village in the vine-choked ruins. With blackjack.
    Targossas - river rapists.
    Cyrene - "We kill you last."
    Eleusis - Village, not city. Nature is best, but parts of the village need improvement (I have a list).


    Way too many to detail specific opinions. Although Alchemists (more specifically the Cauda Pavonis) need to get off their collective high horse and stop eating rocks.

    Exceptions exist for almost all of the above. Regardless of affiliation, though, he/I will generally be polite if a bit standoffish even if it's an enemy. Assuming the other person makes at least a similar effort, anyway.

    OOCly it's a bit different, all the factions have good and bad points.
    - (Eleusis): Ellodin says, "The Fissure of Echoes is Sarathai's happy place."
    - With sharp, crackling tones, Kyrra tells you, "The ladies must love you immensely."
    - (Eleusian Ranger Techs): Savira says, "Most of the hard stuff seem to have this built in code like: If adventurer_hitting_me = "Sarathai" then send("terminate and selfdestruct")."
    - Makarios says, "Serve well and perish."
    - Xaden says, "Xaden confirmed scrub 2017."

  • A friend of mine told me that Satyr were 'horny goat-men', and I was sold right then and there. Been playing Bann since, lol. I also wanted to be good at Blade-master, my class, and Satyr looked, statistically, like a good race :)

  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    It was a shame we lost Vastar when we did, a lot of groundwork had been put in place to further explore the origins of the atavian race and expand the lore a little bit. Just beyond being humans with wings. It was really fascinating stuff.
    (D.M.A.): Cooper says, "Kyrra is either the most innocent person in the world, or the girl who uses the most innuendo seemingly unintentionally but really on purpose."

  • All races are common enough that Ysela doesn't react to them in any specific way. She might find a certain insectoid race off-putting, but wouldn't let that show, and is a bit suspicious of non-Mhaldorian mhun because of the history of Mhaldor and Moghedu, but again wouldn't let that show.

    I was going to say that class does not really factor into how Ysela reacts to people, but on second thought that might be wrong. Knight classes, including Infernal, she would expect to be the soldierly type, occultists and alchemists would not surprise her if they turn out to be crazy, serpents are probably of dubious moral fibre etc. It depends though, on how prevalent a part of their character people make their class.

    Ashtan are pawns of the Chaos lords, Hashan's recent resurgence has her mildly curious, Targossas is filled with misguided idealists (let's reeducate them and bring the ones' with potential into the fold), she thinks of Eleusians in general (due to a few interactions with a few people in her youth) as savages/unintelligent/hypocrites, Cyrenians as weaklings who are blind to how the world really works, and Mhaldor as the only culture realising how bleak and hostile the world is and doing what is necessary to make sentient life thrive in it.

    On a related note, thinking about this reminded me of the possibilities of basing more of Ysela on race and class. Thank you!

    As for grasping the basics, don't be afraid to approach people and ask. Most things can be spoken of IC while still making sense (and for those mechanical things that cannot, people will generally be happy to help with that in tells or point you to the right help file, etc).

    Asking questions, about basic things or otherwise, is a good way of getting eased into the RP. In Mhaldor, the general nature of such a conversation will almost certainly be coloured by the subordinate-superior relationship between the slave @Uskawiyya and the superior in question, making it pretty easy to not screw up. (Be respectful, use their title, take no for an answer, etc.) And there is plenty of opportunity to give some substance to Uskawiyya without having to be dead set on the exact direction you want to take her, through how she interacts with those superiors.
  • Ysela said:

    Ashtan are pawns of the Chaos lords, Hashan's recent resurgence has her mildly curious, Targossas is filled with misguided idealists (let's reeducate them and bring the ones' with potential into the fold), she thinks of Eleusians in general (due to a few interactions with a few people in her youth) as savages/unintelligent/hypocrites, Cyrenians as weaklings who are blind to how the world really works, and Mhaldor as the only culture realising how bleak and hostile the world is and doing what is necessary to make sentient life thrive in it.

    I love this.

    I do quite enjoy seeing everyone's takes on different places. 

    And it's nice to see evidence that people see shit beyond 'Oh these gits tanked us with uneven numbers two weeks ago, they're all assholes'.

    Also your take on most cities are pretty much the same as Xaden's.

    The obvious exceptions being obvious.
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  • Frederich doesn't have any real attitude towards races, outside of like... two.

    Grooks are weird, but he's genuinely curious about their history and culture, simply because of the fact that they're frog people.
    Satyr's remind him of his homelife on the farm whenever he was younger, but still makes him question why he find's them really cute.

    As far as cities go, let's run down the list.
    Hashan is a weird city that Fred just doesn't get whatsoever.  It's a city about Darkness (which means lies and deception or something), which isn't really cool in his book, but it's also got a lot of history and culture that make it interesting as a whole.  Their strength is actually something to be marveled, whenever they can get their shit together.  They work with Chaos (sometimes) and that's enough for Freddy to not exactly like it as much as he could.

    Targossas is, for all intents and purposes, an A-Okay city in Frederich's eyes.  They've their fair share of brigands and thieves who operate under the name of "Good" for their own gain, but overall they wish to see Creation thrive.  That's enough for Frederich to like them.  He has lots of family, and friends, within Targossas too.

    Mhaldor is a city that Frederich doesn't exactly like, but he respects them and what they're doing.  They want to further sapient life through forcing them to grow stronger.  It's an interesting concept that he can actually wrap his head around, and actually likes it.  It's not bad, in his eyes, but their history with the world leaves much to be desired, especially considering the Worldreaver War.

    Eleusis is just full'a weirdos.  They sort of want to protect Creation, but they want to destroy healthy chunks of it because we've 'advanced too far' and destroyed Nature.  If it was a toss-up between who lives and who dies, Eleusis would be above Hashan and Ashtan, but still below Mhaldor, Targ, and Cyrene.

    Ashtan is full of Chaos and doesn't really have it's own chain of command (as evidenced in the Coalition).  Though, Fred was intrigued to find out that Chaos(tm) is not the same as Nihilism, though, they're pretty much exactly the same whenever only three people actually worship/deal with Chaos.  He doesn't like them, but there are some decent businessmen there.

    Cyrene's got it's fair share of issues and stupidity, but it's where Frederich calls home.  Despite a few unsavory people, he'll still come to defend it should it ever need him.  Also we do art things sometimes.
  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
    Melodie's worldview is a bit... complex. Having gone from a Cyrenian priestess, to an Eleusian sylvan, to a Mhaldorian apostate, kind of gives you a very full (and in several instances, personally biased) picture.


    Atavian - Due to being born one before having her wings sliced off, but also being a long-time follower of Neraeos, she swings between nostalgia and nearly racist. For any who are Vastarian and atavian, definitely racist. "Godsdamned pillowstuffers!"

    Grooks - In a similar, if less volatile, boat as atavians. General disgust and distrust.

    Horkvals - Being a bit superficial, she'll look her nose down at them. Can set this aside for certain close friends, however.

    Humans - A certain begrudging acceptance of it for herself, but generally neutral for everyone else.


    Cyrene - Invokes nostalgia and fondness for memories, but has no love or affection of present-day Cyrene. Considers the city and the majority of its citizens to have grown fat, lazy and cowardly while being ruled by an aging leadership that clings to empowered popularity.

    Targossas - Backwards people who embrace the idea of Mhaldor without embracing the spirit of it, and who fool themselves into thinking otherwise. Personal dislike of select citizens and both Divine, but generally amused by most of the population.

    Eleusis - Similar to Targossas, but with absolutely no silver linings. Completely backwater, petty, inbreeding savages with a propensity for being self-divisive and unintelligent. Some notable exceptions here, but otherwise holds true for 98-99% of the population. Very much unlike Targossas, though, she still has a begrudging respect one one of their divine.

    Ashtan - Finally accepted their chaos-ridden place in general, even if other citizens haven't. Still full of bruteish sorts, though despite a distinct dislike of chaos and Nihilists, some secret admiration for combative prowess.

    Hashan - Generally tainted by Twilight (bad personal experiences for her and a family member), but otherwise intrigued by their perseverance to be relevant upon the world stage. Of all the cities at the moment (besides her own), probably has the most respect for Hashan and its continued efforts and its lack of any involvement in her personal history.

    Mhaldor - Despite its inhospitable nature, she finds a certain warmth in calling Mhaldor home. Firmly believes no other society is able to work together to get what must be done to preserve Creation to become what it was meant to be.


    Priest(ess) - Still forms hole of nostalgia that has never quite been filled again within her, but otherwise avoids these sorts when possible. Has become somewhat superstitious about angels despite herself.

    Knights - Tends to have an attraction to the strong, knightly sorts (not the sort who just use the class to pk, however), but also tends to have much higher standards for any who are this class - thus, those who are below standards tend to be disliked and shunned.

    Occultists - Will be outright rude and disrespectful if she is aware of one being this class in a conversation. Generally mistrustful. 
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  • You wanna talk complexity, ask Ehene what he thinks of the various cities and Divine. In his opinion, every city has its strengths and weaknesses, as well as every Divine, making it difficult to really hate anyone. #makelovenotwar

    Targossas has a theological unity that Ehene respects, but their sheer zealotry turns him off. Ashtan's opportunity for character development and growth looks interesting, but it seems to him that they lack a strong sense of unity and direction. Cyrene seems to be a cultural juggernaut, but by isolating themselves they've shot themselves in the foot in terms of opportunity for growth. Eleusis also has a good sense of unity, but in a similar vein to Targossas they are too zealous in their beliefs. (also when will you finally accept that alchemicals are the future and abandon your dirty plants jk jk) As for Mhaldor, Ehene has a begrudging respect for the fortress of Evil. Specifically, their tenacity and discipline. There's definitely a parallel between Mhaldor and Targossas in terms of worship and action.

    Hashan... Well, Heener here is vehemently loyal to Hashan and thinks the stars shine out of our sewers or something. Realistically, Hashan is like a more unified Ashtan with some of Cyrene's cultural and historical oomph. Now that Twilight's back, though, we might see more theological progress than before. I'm not sure.

    Racially, though, Ehene has no strong feelings about any of them, except that Tsol'teth are buttholes. Horkvali seem kind of cool, I guess? Trolls are big and intimidating sometimes and Grooks are kinda weird. i'm a tiny gote what do you want from me

    As for classes, Ehene thinks there aren't enough Bards and that Apostates have some really cool abilities. Depthswalkers seem interesting and priests are annoying but useful in group combat. Seriously, more bards. I'm tired of seeing runewardens and alchemists and depthswalkers and serpents. Really, though, classes don't hold much sway in Ehene's opinion; in fact, they're about as important as race to him, ie. not very. Actions speak louder than AB <skill>.

  • Everyone who's sharing, thanks so much! This is exactly what I need to get a better understanding of this world. It's so much easier when it's through the eyes of the players living it and not a generic wiki. It's very exciting to see that there's so much more than "This is the good city, that is the evil city" and all the nuance and interpretations suggest that there's always going to be more to discover throughout this process
  • All you need to know is that everyone is fodder for your kill count. Everyone. Not a single exception.

    Live by this rule, and you will go places.
  • I'm down to talk serpent if you wanna. Helped Driden out recently and was a good convo 

  • Quisse's view of races is entirely based on 80 years of scientific inquiry. She has an affinity for humans and a distaste for tsol'aa.

    Otherwise, it's pretty simple:

    Ashtan: Chaos-tainted heathens
    Hashan: heathens tainted by Darkness
    Mhaldor: heathens enslaved to Evil
    Eleusis: savages and fools
    Cyrene: frivolous and irrelevant idealists
    Targossas: the devout struggling amongst the crushing apathy

    Quisse also believes that people who choose herbs over minerals ingest unhealthy volumes of animal excrement, and may be adversely affected in the mind. 

    (It's amazing how character concepts start in one place, and morph into something so so different. Ah Achaea, you are magical like that.)
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    Farrah uses dragon symbolism for a lot of things as a Xoran, even though they're technically part ormyrr, not dragon. The dragons are the good guys in that fight, so I guess she venerates them. Otherwise, race does not factor in much to her views.

    As for cities...

    Ashtan: Sworn enemy. Traitors to the realm. They're all either ignorant fools, reckless fools, or madmen. She does not believe there is any excuse to be in alliance with Chaos, and has a high disdain for them.

    Mhaldor: Second biggest enemy, but not nearly as bad as Ashtan. Sometimes has a begrudging acceptance of Mhaldorians, and at other times nothing but disgust. They are sadistic, wasteful, and ultimately short-sighted in a way that leaves them rarely having the realm's best interests in mind.

    Hashan: Hashan is an oddity to Farrah. On the one hand, they serve Twilight, which is unacceptable. On the other hand, it's seemingly been a long time since Twilight has attempted anything particularly harmful to the realm, and many Hashani do not seem inclined to harm much of anything. She thinks some of them could do well in Targossas.

    Eleusis: Uncivilized savages. Though, would begrudgingly admit some were helpful against the Tsol'teth.

    Cyrene: Peaceful isolationists, but terribly difficult to work with. She doesn't really have a problem with them, but she loathed working with them during the Coalition because they wanted to take their time and vote before any action. She thinks they are hopelessly inefficient, but not a threat.

    Targossas: The people who do what is necessary for everyone else in the world to be able to go on living their ignorant lives without ending up dead, enslaved, or worse.

    Class opinions basically align with city opinions for factional classes. Priests are holy and respectable. Alchemists are smart and sciency. Serpents get stuff done. Blademasters go charging into whatever enemies are out there headfirst (hi @Atalkez ). Magi like to explode things. That's all that comes to mind.

  • @Farrah no paladin? I'm hurt!  :'(

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
  • Quisse said:
    Quisse's view of races is entirely based on 80 years of scientific inquiry. She has an affinity for humans and a distaste for tsol'aa.

    Otherwise, it's pretty simple:

    Ashtan: Chaos-tainted heathens
    Hashan: heathens tainted by Darkness
    Mhaldor: heathens enslaved to Evil
    Eleusis: savages and fools
    Cyrene: frivolous and irrelevant idealists
    Targossas: the devout struggling amongst the crushing apathy

    Quisse also believes that people who choose herbs over minerals ingest unhealthy volumes of animal excrement, and may be adversely affected in the mind. 

    (It's amazing how character concepts start in one place, and morph into something so so different. Ah Achaea, you are magical like that.)
    Filthy dirt-eater! (Well-intentioned racism/prejudice turning into hilariously imbalanced personality quirks is probably my favorite thing about Achaea :D)
  • Races: Nothing really standout. Not fond of Horkval, but that's about it. Chitter-chitter-something-soemthing. WTB achaean insecticide.

    Ashtan (still what he views as home): Thinks most of their current citizenship (barring a small handful) have zero clue about what Babel/Chaos is about; will never see any God as a valid/viable/suitable/filler/whatever replacement for Ashtan.

    Hashan: got some highly messed up politics at times, but outside of Ashtan, probably nowhere else he would want to live in. Bad eggs are mostly outweighed by the good peoples.

    Targossas: Extremely stubborn, perhaps even to their own detriment at times. Lots of skilled fighters, outside of combat not really anything interesting/insightful to talk about, that he hasn't heard preached a thousand times before by them.

    Mhaldor: Full of highly weird people. They seem to be bouncing back out of whatever slump they got into. Views a lot of them as full of themselves, most probably because of how many people tried their hardest to convert him when he was Ashtani, then got tantrum-y when their 'logic' was thrown out the window.

    Eleusis: Lots of egotistical hypocrites for him to ever consider them fun, or pleasant to interact with on basically anything that wasn't basic day-to-day conversation. Most of their 'logic' is shut down fairly easier than any other city. (despite getting along with plenty of them OOCly :p )

    Cyrene: Virtually have nothing good to say. Even their shops have gotten expensive over the past few months, guessing that's partly due to a bunch of their 'good' people stopping playing/leaving.
  • Cyrene is populated by those who would play the lyre while the world burns around them. They lack the ambition to pose any semblance of threat to the cause.

    Eleusians are obsessed with placing the banal and superficial upon a pedestal. They lack the vision to pose any semblance of threat to the cause.

    The Hashani have a history of building increasingly complicated machinations which inevitably collapse and crush the builder. They lack the practicality to pose any semblance of threat to the cause.

    Mhaldorians have deluded themselves in to seeking a means rather than an end. They are too predictable to pose any semblance of threat to the cause.

    Targossasians don't seem to even understand how Creation works, let alone grasp the forces outside of its boundaries. They are too ignorant to pose any semblance of threat to the cause.
  • RyldaghRyldagh Ontario, Canada
    A guide to Achaea, from the perspective of Oracle Ascendant Valeth

    Atavians: They are his people, to him, and he has and likely always will identify with them.  A bit flighty in nature, by and large, and far too accustomed to the freedom of the skies.  Does not think that they should have intermingled with the other races, and instead ruled the world from their floating island in the sky.

    Humans: The spawn of Chaos and a blight upon the land... but it is a land that isn't worth caring about to begin with.  As the canonically most populous race, they have the capacity to band together and wipe the other races out if only they would think 'big picture'.

    Sirens: Strange creatures that often use their feminine wiles to get their ways, for good or bad, that he isn't altogether certain about.  On one hand, they're fun to observe, but on the other, he doesn't trust anyone that can make you forsake your own wits with just some singing.

    Tsol'aa: Elves!  Elves are neat.

    Tsol'teth: Drow!  <3  10/10, would reincarnate in a flash.

    Note: These are racial general prejudices.  Individuals have and will break these molds as they prove to not fit within them.


    Hashan: Oh Hashan... you could be great, if only you would cast off that divine reliance and think for yourselves.  Makers of the world's best tea... and also the best stereotype about military impotence.  A city of darkness that couldn't stealth their way past a blind man.

    Targossas: Oh, Targossas... You could be great, and better the realm as you claim to wish to do, if only you would cast off those divines that you allow to shackle you.  You claim to wish to save reality, but you only enact destruction to attempt to do so, which only makes you equally as destructive as the forces you oppose.  You don't throw gasoline on a fire to put it out... you throw a phoenix at it and raze the damn forest so there's nothing left to spread fire through.

    Cyrene: The land of cake and bureaucracy.  Unless you want to stick to yourself or pretend you like everyone you hate, avoid at all costs.  Cyrene has taken great pains to remove themselves from the warring cities of the world and as such is a neutral haven that protects its own... but when everyone around them wants to control the world, being neutral isn't "big picture" enough to work, long term.  Also where to move if you would like to get away with touching your own relatives inappropriately.

    Eleusis: A city that takes issue with other cities using natural resources to make their walls and streets, despite the stones used not actually being destroyed.  They don't think their ideals through as city improvement resources come from the same mines and commodity markets as all the other cities.  Rites and prayers are nice, but this doesn't change the hypocrisy.  They claim to be champions of nature but they're the only city without rats... (Rats occur naturally in nature and, despite their bad rap, are actually remarkably clean animals, so you can't say it's just because of the filth of cities).

    Mhaldor: Mhaldor, you could be great if you would just ditch the malevolent one, who's clearly just using you.  Even if you espouse his teachings, ditch the divine.  What good have the divine done for us?  They pit us against each other and then they watch the ensuing madness.  The godslayer had the right idea.

    Ashtan: Former city of freedom, now the city of Chaos, this place was and always will be home.  Most people don't seem to understand Chaos, or that Chaos doesn't necessarily mean oblivion (but very much could and often does).  Does his best to keep Ashtan dedicated to the cause, and free from those pesty divine interests, although outside (or more accurately, highly internal) influences are starting to weaken his anti-divine resolve...

    In short: my character is pro-mortal, anti-divine.

  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
    After reading all of these, I feel like the rest of the world is living in some kind of 2014 dreamworld in regards to Hashan.
    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
  • Dunn said:
    I'm down to talk serpent if you wanna. Helped Driden out recently and was a good convo 
    Can confirm dunns brain is ripe for picking. Gives you the basic idea. Let's you work out the specifics and will show you in realtime. Dosent just tell you how to do something he teaches you what it needs to work and why it wouldn't work. So you come away not just with a strategy but a deeper understanding of your class. 10/10 would pick dunns brain again. 
    Cooper said:
    This is one of the worst forms of special snowflake RP I've ever seen. Thanks for going to another city to do it!
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