Depthswalkers: Post your findings.

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So it's been long enough for EVERYONE EVER to pick this class up and play with it a bit. Post your thoughts.

How is it in combat? How is it bashing? What problems do you see in the near future? What do you think needs changing?


  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    Sub 3.5 second instakill is pretty hilariously one-sided, even with the backlash it comes with.
    Huh. Neat.
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    It's the only weapon class in the game that can completely ignore rebounding, without needing anything special to do so.

    Its bashing is decent, its combat is gonna need some time for people to work out. I feel as though it's lacking in some parts, but is pretty strong in others. A lot so far, seems to rely on people having god awful curing priorities.

    It's gonna be hilariously strong in groups, specifically when paired with either a) another DW, or b) a Priest/Apostate.

  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway
    it does look like a super cool support class at first glance, maybe replace jester in some groups. Will see how it goes.


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  • Looks fantastic.  It's hunting, once you can get the 3rd class skill going, can be great.

    Wanna hunt in lesser but have all the strength and con of a dragon?  Here you go.  The cooldown on it is essentially 30 minutes, so you are only ever without that stuff for 30 minutes if you have a dragon buddy.

    THe most efficient set I've seen (if you don't wanna have hunting's level 5 ability of pseudo-sensitivity on a denizen every so often) is 3 hunting, 5 longevity, 3 augmentation

    If you don't care about tattoos and don't have a dragon buddy, then 3 hunting, 3 longevity, 5 augmentation.

    It looks super duper cool though.
  • Shadow sever is hilariously troll-tastic for dropping people to 1HP and stunned, then headslamming them to death. I highly recommend it.
    - (Eleusis): Ellodin says, "The Fissure of Echoes is Sarathai's happy place."
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    - Makarios says, "Serve well and perish."
    - Xaden says, "Xaden confirmed scrub 2017."

  • Sarathai said:
    Shadow sever is hilariously troll-tastic for dropping people to 1HP and stunned, then headslamming them to death. I highly recommend it.
    Sever appears to go through shield, too.
  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    Anyone found a way to snuff darkness?
    Huh. Neat.
  • It would be nice if seftonium let you research forget faster than 24 hours. 
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    Rename the class "depthwalker" already, nobody remembers the middle 's'.
  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    They nerfed (read: bugfixed) doom. It's no longer 3.5s without aeon :(
    Huh. Neat.
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    Cooper said:
    I member. 
    Bitch don't even remember Dirgmal killed a Tsol'teth 470 years before you did
  • Member Zh'risia?

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    Brief testing on rats showed Laiad (tier 5 Hunting ability) to be very underwhelming, a 5% damage boost that lasts for 9 seconds (time for 4 culls or 5 reaps), with a cooldown (the global one, not per denizen) of 2.5 minutes.
  • Oh lord.
    Depthswalker class members present and visible: Jinara, Melodie, Farrah, Aylek, Atalkez, Xaviuz, Sholen, Qrow, Aman, Cosoi, Rasui, Remilia, Uralnor, Niredan, Draknos, Naoma, Omor.
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    All the lolalts!
    Huh. Neat.
  • Omor said:
    Oh lord.
    Depthswalker class members present and visible: Jinara, Melodie, Farrah, Aylek, Atalkez, Xaviuz, Sholen, Qrow, Aman, Cosoi, Rasui, Remilia, Uralnor, Niredan, Draknos, Naoma, Omor.
    The number of Depthswalkers makes me worry that ways to counter the class will show up quickly, I have so many ideas for the dominion and conquest trees especially with the conquest tree giving you a word that makes everyone who hears it get afflicted by hatred.  
  • I agree, @Khairt. Also, expect some misstells from me. I always type "tell khai <stuff>" when talking to @Khaibit
    Omor Ceberek - Targossas

    got gud
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    Same thing happened to Blademaster. Everyone flocked to it, and after a month roughly half of those were over it. It'll taper off and people who are really interested in it will settle into it.

  • And it was the same with Bard before Blademaster.
  • Also Alchemist/Sylvan/Sentinel reworks. Liking DW even more now after talking with @Atalkez a fair bit. Lots of fun strategies.
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    With hunting and augmentation trees being properly researched now, here's what I think the best bashing setups are currently.

    5 Longevity, 3/4 Hunting, 3/4 Augmentation: For those who can't max out their str and con, but have reliable enough access to allies who can. For the last research point, you have a choice between prismatic barrier (Hunting) or improved self-rezz and fire resistance (Augmentation). I'd probably go with the barrier unless you already have a lyre.

    4 Longevity, 4 Hunting, 4 Augmentation: For those who don't need to copy someone else's str/con, or can't find people to copy. For solo bashing you probably won't have any use for that 4th point in Hunting, but the other three trees don't have anything useful for bashing either.
  • This might help for those who are lesson-sparse and are looking to invest in the research trees:

    I got my third research point when I was about 655 lessons in Terminus. Those who have more accurate numbers for research point acquisition should probably post more info.

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    Never mind, I'm being dumb.
    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
  • So... Terminus choices. Sena's covered the ones best for bashing, but I'm toying with it trying to find the best ones for combat and utility. Augmentation seems like it's a must-have for any combination, due to its effect on your shadowmancy skills, but beyond that, what do some of you forsee as being the "go-to" for combat abilities?

  • @Sena Did you check to see if the weapons/cloaks respect whether you have the ability after you FORGET and relearn other trees? Because if you WP them, they still show that they convey the benefit, but I haven't actually done any testing. 

    If so, you could just go Augmentation, make your weapons/cloak, then switch and go with something more utility-based.

  • If you do keep the benefits after forgetting augmentation, it would definitely be a bug.
  • Maybe... maybe it's intended as a group-mentality skill, where one person has Augmentation so they can equip their comrades. Terminus is themed around the "No man is an island." concept.

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