TReX beta Release v.09

This is the first public release of TReX 'another mudlet healing system'

IMPORTANT## this will only work on mudlet 3.0

## This forum should be used for any system requests(updates/additions) or major bug finds that need to be looked into. Please leave this forum comments for only installation and version updates.
## There is another forum for general questions and coding questions and anything else basically. Please use that forum so I can keep this one clean, Thanks :)
## Be sure to ask for a TReX clan invite from I or Klendathu in game if you want to have some collaboration.


1) Enable GMCP


3) Package Manager the Zip.

4) Restart Mudlet

5) do 'TINSTALL' (lowercase)

6) do 'TSHOW' (lowercase) for options

** I recommend this opening sequence  for regular logging in after the installation is done. You should only need to install once.  **  

'dd'  >  'def'  >   'tshow defs' 

*NOTE: Not all classes have the specific class defenses set up yet. But all classes SHOULD work with this system.  If anyone wants to step forward and help me with class specific defense information I can add them into the tables.

List of classes not fully finished for class specific defences:

--Druid ?
--Infernal ? 
--Jester ?
--Paladin ?
--Priest ? 
--sentinel ?
--shaman ?
--sylvan ? 


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