Ask Your Producers: September 2016



  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
    @Gaia what is your favorite candy?
    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
  • Puxi said:
    • Have you ever ate Flaming Hot Cheetos with chopsticks?
    • Favorite food?
    • Favorite country to vacation in?
    • Years you have been involved as a player/admin in IRE games?
    • What other games do you play in your free time?
    • How many volunteer Immortals do you currently have?
    • What is the fastest someone has gone from levels 1-99?

    1. Nope.

    2. I'll do a lot for a good steak.

    3. I do like the US, because its different and I don't have to learn a new language.

    4. I've been a player since around 2008. Volunteered in January 2013, got hired in October that year as a developer, got made co producer with Nicola at the end of April when Tecton went off to conquer the stars.

    5. Not really any currently, because free time is somewhat of a luxury at the moment. I do dabble in some of the other ire games when I have an hour or so free, but its nothing particularly serious these days. Street fighter and Soul Calibur tide me over as my thing for playing with friends who think text games are weird (uncultured swines).

    6. Quite a few!

    7.  I couldn't quote you an exact number, but I believe about a game year. Maybe slightly longer, maybe slightly shorter. "Fast."

  • @Gaia

    What's your favorite colour skittle?

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
  • GaiaGaia The Garden of the Gods
    Jonathin said:
    @Gaia what is your favorite candy?
    Haribo Strawbs! Always strawbs. :blush:

  • GaiaGaia The Garden of the Gods
    Aralaya said:

    What's your favorite colour skittle?

  • @Puxi

    1. Nope!

    2. Like Makarios, I do love a good steak, but there's something to be said for proper roast turkey, beef, or lamb. (Especially with yorkshire pudding)

    3. I loved my time in Malawi, Ethiopia, and Kuwait, Italy and France are beautiful.

    4. I first started playing Achaea in about 2009, I joined the celani team in 2014 and was hired on in 2015 as an Assistant Producer. Makarios and I became co-Producers at the end of April this year.

    5. As Mak has said, there's not a whole lot of free time. I do have Darkest Dungeon and Stardew Valley sitting around on the offchance, but I prefer to go and do something daft outside when I get a few minutes free.

    6+7. See Mak's response!

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    OMG I totally forgot about proper purple Skittles.

    As most people won't realise, purple Skittles in the UK are blackcurrant, and are tied 1st for Skittle place in my heart. Grape Skittles are an abomination.
  • grapes are amazing wtf
  • @Nicola @Makarios

    What's your favorite crook?

    Which SoW item is your favorite?

    What class do you see yourself as, if you were to come down from the heaven's in game and start murderizing people?

    What has been your favorite event of the 19th anniversary 'games' I guess to watch?

    During the Great Hunt, how long was @Karren logged out of the game (AKA: Not grinding) ?

    @Aegis (since the other minion gods were mentioned) can we convince you to ditch eris, become nihilist and bring back Pandemonium? If you do, can we call him Scary Lord Panda?

    @Makarios and @Nicola do you guys ever cheer for the under dog in mortal disputes?

    Are there any producer decisions you regret this year?

    Will there be guide applications soon?

    Will you guys bring back Flair?

    Are you currently happy with the gold cap/anti speculating controls?

    Is Ahmet Turkish?
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    @Nicola @Makarios

    What are some random factoids about Achaea that you've learned that were surprising to you or you thought were interesting?
  • Jinsun said:

  • Artemis said:
    Jinsun said:

    I think I just got a woody. 
  • First: Grapes are amazing, grape flavoured nonsense does not taste like grapes or anything else remotely good.


    Ovine mastery

    City themed warpaints

    New class is looking amazing, so that one.

    It's going to be the CTF! (Not long now.)

    Offhand I have no idea, and I wouldn't divulge another player's habits even if I knew!


    I don't tend to take a lot of interest in mortal disputes, I only pay attention to personal things when the emails come over my desk.


    Perhaps, can't rightly say! We have a good team of guides currently.

    I think you don't quite understand how being a player and logging in works, which is surprising, as you appear to do so daily!

    We're monitoring these, I don't hate them.

    No idea, ask him.


    I've not necessarily discovered these as a Producer, but some of my favourite things are:
    Achaea is 19 years old! That's pretty amazing to me.

    The following are commands that I think are great:
    Swap Hands is super nifty.
    Jumping into the rigging and filling buckets from the deck of a ship both make me happy.
  • @Nicola & @Makarios

    You guys made your hobby into your work. Quite a dangerous life-choice to make. Do you still enjoy Achaea the same way you did as when you where player?
  • How much do you love TMC clan?
  • Morthif said:
    How much do you love TMC clan?
    Slightly less than P9
  • Bleak said:
    @Nicola & @Makarios

    You guys made your hobby into your work. Quite a dangerous life-choice to make. Do you still enjoy Achaea the same way you did as when you where player?

    Definitely a shift in the way I enjoy it, but I'd say there's definitely still aspects. I get very psyched when I see deathsight light up still, and obviously I have a very vested interest in the fine details of the combat system.

  • Morthif said:
    How much do you love TMC clan?

    I've got a refined taste for trolling. Tmc just doesn't meet my high standards, alas.
  • Are sea faring changes complete? I was under the impression they aren't (mostly because the promise of releasing a cool alternative to crown trades that hasnt been announced)
  • @Tahquil The overhaul is completed, yes. We have some plans for some new additions down the way (this was hinted at when the crown trades were removed) but the planned alterations are now finished.
  • @Nicola are you guys trying to make me crazy by making my things vanish when I lesserform?
  • Will you ever consider making dragon descs customisable as a default? All other IRE games let you customise you endgame race (some even allow custom entrances and shouts). I just don't feel the game benefits from that sort of thing being gated behind the rare auction, and charactr customisation goes a really long way towards making a good game truly epic
  • Makarios said:
    Gaia said:
    @Nicola @Makarios When will we mere minions get our own thread? We want to be asked stuff too! 

    Why does nobody care about what colour skittles we like? :cry:

    Because the colour is irrelevant. The true question is sweet or sour.

    Choose wisely.

    Of course YOU think the colour is irrelevant.

  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    Trey said:
    Makarios said:
    Gaia said:
    @Nicola @Makarios When will we mere minions get our own thread? We want to be asked stuff too! 

    Why does nobody care about what colour skittles we like? :cry:

    Because the colour is irrelevant. The true question is sweet or sour.

    Choose wisely.

    Of course YOU think the colour is irrelevant.
    Huh. Neat.
  • If we goin there, we goin there. What do you think about the new and improved Project 9 clan?
  • Was the creation of an event that forever handicapped and removed the threat of Slith, based on the idea of deleting an old event villain crutch or based on something much bigger?

    In full honesty, what would have happened to azdun and belladona's keep if Zsarachnor or Belladona won the underworld war? Were they simply going to be booted from the underworld if they won anyway?

    In comparison to other IRE games, Achaean promotions tend to give far less in reward values, with the other game players getting more for a buck. This seems to have even declined further with recent promotions, specifically the Wheel and turn in rewards. Is this a business decision from high up based on player retention in smaller games or what?

    Quests have for quite some time had a small aspect in achaea, with areas created based more on hunting than quests. Compared to other IRE games where large quests add immense flavor and fun, achaea seems to focus on other aspects of gameplay. Is there going to be any future focus in enhancing quest life and accomplishments in Achaea?

    The spiritworld was a game RP concept that was being cultivated for several years by players, with the epitome being the discovery and introduction of the Wlo. Now that the main focus of spiritual RP, the spiritwalkers, is gone, is the concept of the spiritworld going to be scratched away or should we believe it is still a thing that may make an appearance later?
  • @Datrius
    Not that I'm aware of.

    It's not something we've considered at all.

    @Ahmet and all OOC clan members who will hop on this bandwagon.
    I don't love OOC clans much in general.


    1. Something much bigger.

    2. We had a plan in case of all outcomes (the wedding of Belladona and Slith would have been an epic affair) this is why the Underworld revamp is taking so long.

    3. In terms of value, we strive to be commensurate with other games, ours are often more rewarding.

    4. This is dependant on the area's builder!

    5. As per modern Spiritlore, the Spiritworld is very much a thing. Unfortunately we cannot take up every thread of imagined lore created by all players in the game, we have to pick and choose and after that prioritise projects.
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