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Newbie Class and RP question

SudeshSudesh Member Posts: 2
Hello everyone,

I am Looking for advice on some classes. I have read the help files and still have some questions I couldn't find otherwise. I created a monk but I have been looking into the knight classes. I want to get heavy into roleplaying and the idea of Falconry is very enticing. I am wondering if the falconry has any actual in game use or if it is mostly for RP?

Though RP is my main focus I do want to be able to participate in other mechanics of the game (hunting is the only one I know of) at adecent level. Any advice on the Kinght and Monk classes would be greatly appreciated.

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  • SudeshSudesh Member Posts: 2
    Thank you Sarflus, I knew about the city and house thing (I have other questions I'll ask in a different thread) but had no idea about the family mechanic. I'll make sure to try and be a bit more social.

    Ahmet, thank you, that is the answer about falconry that I have been struggling to find. I'm not a fan of the idea of changing classes for RP reasons but I may have to just to get a feel for the differences. I'm still leaning toward knight but time will tell.
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