Zulah GUI 2.0 (A free easy GUI)

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I will have a webpage setup with some help files and tutorials soon but for the sake of putting this up now.

Sample Pictures at the end of the post. The best part of this system is I (or you or him or her) can add packages without changing anything. I can create a new package at any time and you can just drop it into your already setup GUI. So no worrying about updates and addons destroying the work you've put into customization.
  • This will work for all classes.
  • This will work on any healing system (Svo, Svof, Wsys, Trex, Etc Etc)
  • This will should not effect anything in your system (Let me know if it does)
  • This requires GMCP to be turned ON
  • Currently 4 savable layouts you can switch between on the fly


I always suggest you create a NEW Profile for the first time to be sure it works right for you before committing to any new GUI.

  • Turn on GMCP and restart
  • Select Package Manager --> Install
  • Install: ZulahGUI2.mpackage FIRST
  • Install any additional packages you want (You don't have to install them all)

All Plugin Files:

(Core is the only REQUIRED plugin)
Core: http://www.digitalwarzone.com/ZulahGUI2/ZulahGUI2.mpackage

Art Plugins:
(These do not have to actually be Bottom Top Left Right.)
(That is just how I named them for simplicity. You can also add more or use these for example just as map background image. Or a limb background)
Mana and Health Bars/Orbs:
(When selecting Horizontal or Vertical you will not notice a major change until you change the size)

Map and Chat Windows:
(Ocean and walking Maps)
(Chat window will require you to alter word wrap in its settings option)



Some of my art files I've used and many more art clips you can use to add for the Art Plugins can be found here:


Images used in many of my previous GUI's are there. I will add more and clean up the layout as soon as the formal web page is up.


Battle Rage almost done just fixing a few multiclass issues and it will be posted.

Known issues:
Changing GUI elements live creates small visual glitches sometimes, especially with the map. You can quickly and easily fix this just by toggling the map or other plugins on and off to reset them visually.


Sample Images:

After loading and restarting you will see a gear on the top left of your mudlet screen:

Clicking the gear opens your settings window:

Here is a short gallery of me clicking through the options to change things. (Wont post every picture in this post to save on load times and post length)


Don't be afraid to click the buttons, that's what they are there for. If you break something, Great! Just tell me what you broke so I can fix it.



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