Dead Divine Appreciation Post



  • This event has made me want to start playing again, I'm just not sure if I can put the time/effort required for Ari.  But I couldn't resist giving a shoutout...

    Ari respected @Pentharian (and was a member of his order for quite some time) but never really understood him.  He sort of fell into the order but never felt at home... 

    It was @Tarah though who he truly loved, the time he spent with her fishing (along with some truly strange things she did to make sure he remember she was a goddess!) while discussing how much he wanted to kill @Fonetic and burn down the forests (both before and while he was AP)...  Or the time he spent trying to convince her to help him ascend, he was so certain that all he needed was a shrine and the rest would just take care of itself.  Then there was the time that Meri convinced @Tarah to marry us while Ari was offline and the fun RP we had around that.

    Ari would mourn the loss of @Pentharian but he would be truly shattered to learn that @Tarah is gone.
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    I miss Keresis and the little interactions we had. :) She cared and she showed it.

    Olol, Keresis not dead.. yet.. maybe.
    Bleh, work ate my gaming life.
    내가 제일 잘 나가!!!111!!1

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