Dead Divine Appreciation Post

So after raving about Phaestus in the Achaean Raves thread, it occurred to me that the majority of the reason that this event means so much to me is because of Ephram's involvement in Melantha's order. And I hadn't raved about that.

Given that our IC means of communicating with the Divine are for the most part gone, and that some of the Divine in question were still active, I figured this would be a good way for players to pass along their appreciation, without it getting lost in the Achaean Raves post or the Bal'met event thread or even the Iron Realms Facebook page. Because the players behind those gods and goddesses were volunteers, and they added a hell of a lot to the game for many of us, and I can only assume they're still around in some capacity, or at least maybe lurking around the forums a bit.

Anyway, with that in mind, I want to say thank you to Melantha. Ephram was a member of her order, left when she went dormant and the order was limited in size, and regretted it. Before she came back, denizens from her temple sought him out and brought him back to the pre-Order. At that point, when I was playing, I was really feeling kind of at a loss with what to do with my character and Melantha gave him purpose again.

The interaction with all of the denizens, especially Aderia, was always amazing. Anything that was probably beneath a goddess to involve herself in, but still important to the order, went through Aderia and it worked out really well and kept a full sense of immersion going, without allowing too much familiarity. But there was always the sense too that Ephram belonged where he was, and his order was family to him. And that his goddess appreciated him as a follower.

Yes, the order was more neutral of the Nature-aligned divine roles, but there was a lot of depth to it, exploring each season, the light and darkness of nature within, growth through change, and there's still a lot to that that Ephram will seek to understand even now that she's gone. I've been in and out of Achaea for seven years now, playing then going dormant, but without the order, I would have quit long ago. The fallout of this event has only served to solidify how lucky I was to find something in this game that I really loved, and while I plan to keep playing, it will be with a character forever impacted by being in an order.

Oh, and Aelysha remains one of my favourite denizens to this day. Love that jaguar, and I'm beyond happy that Ephram can still get to the parts of the temple where she'll wander.



  • Thanks for starting this Ephram!

    Anyhow- I have to give my love for Selene. When I first started out, I was actually drawn to Scarlatti, and when I expressed it to Naomh, she told me about Selene. I went dormant... oh for 3 months before coming back and seriously working to get into the Order. It took a RL year or two before actually getting INTO the Order. I remember Keahi poking me on MSN to get on since I was taking a break to deal with my young son (who is almost 5! WTF!) and she did the whole interview with Skarash in tow. 

    Getting in was such a joy. They became family to Trilli when basically her family was dormant. She started to see the world with a more neutral stance, understanding Love and Beauty as Selene taught (which Trilli still struggles with- Sorry Scarlatti!) All of the jokes shared on the Order channel, and the OOC clan- sharing our passions, our frustrations, everything. 

    I fought for months on whether or not the Order was for me since I came back, I felt like it'd changed so much in the last 2 RL years since I had to stop playing to take care of my kids... in some ways, even if I had left, I would probably still have fallen apart with Selene being killed because it's so much a part of her. 

    A few things made this all strike home for Trilli- and me. Phaestus coming to Trilli in her fishing spot after Selene was killed (I still get tears reading that log) going to the temple and actually walking the temple... Laurel, the panda, not waddling up and nuzzling me, the ghost girl actually shying away from me like I'm a stranger... then yesterday, Trilli went to where Selene's shrine was in Cyrene and the Weaver's Fern Trilli dropped there right after Clementius left. 

    After Ephram told Trilli to go break down and cry yesterday, Trilli and I have been feeling a little better about it all. I'll miss Selene SO much, but I do feel the pain will subside.

  • Damn you Apollyon, going dormant and coming back and dying. I mean, really, no Apollyon for RL years, you're finally back, you half-convince me you'll stay by doing stuff like asking for reports and promoting me so I could raise shrines, and then you go and DIE. That's just cruel.

    This is dead Divine appreciation because I am letting my Suffering show.
    The soul of Ashmond says, "Always with the sniping."

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  • I would like to thank the academy and all the little Gods I had to step on to get here.
  • Yeah they died for our sins entertainment.
  • This is why I was hesitant to post a thread like this...
  • I apologize if that joke was in poor taste. Most of my jokes are, sadly.
  • Thanks @Tvistor. It's just that giving up Eph would be incredibly hard for me, which is why I've never fully quit the game despite long periods of not playing. I can't imagine giving him up, then taking a Divine role. Then having to give that up too. So I thought it would be good to just say thanks and all.
  • RIP *pentharian. :(

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    Ephram said:
    This is why I was hesitant to post a thread like this...
    Well for some humour is a way to deal with pain.
  • Tsara said:
    Ephram said:
    This is why I was hesitant to post a thread like this...
    Well for some humour is a way to deal with pain.
    Fair enough.
  • Matsuhama, you were awesome in the little time I've met you and your order. Stay classy.

    Mithraea, Pentharian and Miramar, when you were active, you were cool, despite what people say about you.

  • I remember a log somewhere of Rean cutting through some random combatants in increasingly creative ways before a Divine (probably Matsuhama). It was pretty awesome.
  • Rean said:

    - Every interaction with Tyyana was awesome, and I loved how badass she was. 
    Tyyana was my very first interaction with a Divine controlled denizen. For the first 5 minutes, I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on. We had a long discussion on power and seeking immortality. Man I wish I had saved that log.

    On the same note, can't believe I won't get to join Matsuhama's Order. Was seriously thinking about going for it around the time I was... 30ish, I think. Wasn't confident enough in my abilities, decided to wait for that lightbulb to go off. Now, 50 years later, still never joined and won't get to :(
  • In loving memory of Miramar, I present this picture of me and Lukis in front of the United States Supreme Court:


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    I'll miss Matsuhama, I loved the Scions, even if I never stuck around long enough on one char to proceed to full member, it was a great experience. My favourite fights came from those with you @Rean (And various other scions), you probably won't remember but that jester vs jester, ugh. You were always great to talk with. One of the more sincerely passionate fighters, and one of my favourite achaean moments ever actually, all came from Scions :(

    I hope there is some kind of way to replace him... I can't imagine an Achaea without a God of Combat.

  • I'm the next god of combat. My first act will be to remove kai auras.

  • KuiKui Vancouver, Canada
    I was truly disappointed when they killed off Selene. I'm still pretty miffed about that. I really like Selene. -10 points to the pantheon for that
    +5 for bringing back Sartan though.
  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    @Kui, you aren't the only one. I probably cried for four hours straight.
    I'm stilly undecided if I'm happy or unhappy about witnessing Selene's death first hand.
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  • Ah @Pandemonium what can I say? Your very ideals and realm meant alot to me, and I always had a little crush on you. You were like that angry, sad, badass guy in high school that didnt talk to anyone, so of course made the girls go crazy (I would be  most likely standing amongst them sighing). Anyway on to the point, when I first read up about you...I wanted to know everything. I researched  into your lore, your making, your story, even your description and personality. You were the first god I ever attempted to defile a shrine for, and it was an Indrani one to boot! Yes, I shared your contempt and Asmo wanted to make you proud :(. Sadly I was still very much a newbie and got my ass whooped by Indrani members.

    You were one of my top guys, and if Asmo could he would have taken that disembowel for you!

    My only regret is never fully expressing these feelings for you, and having long been away from you, letting Asmo live by his "no-order" rule. I'll always love you!
  • As a shout-out to some Divine that I didn't really ever interact with, I was really excited at Kastalia's return, just because Eph is friends with some of her former order members, and he was excited for them.

    Pentharian always seemed really cool to me, and I know Shallam has had it's share of issues with their Divine but I really think he tried to do everything he could to make a positive difference in that faction of the game.

    Had I played a different sort or character, I would have wanted to be in Pandemonium's order. Knowing little of what actually went on, the potential for RP with a character following the God of Strife seemed really interesting.

    And one more thing for Melantha, which was her involvement with the Mojushai always made me wish Eph was still in the house. The things Crathen and Iocun would post on the forums were just brilliant.
  • @Mithraea You will always be my number one! I'm sad we never got to interact much but you mean the world to Siena. Thank you for helping mold the Sentaari's belief system and being there in the past. Siena is sad she never got to be in the Order again.

    @Pentharian You were annoying when you first came about but I do realize that it was just you trying to unify Shallam...for once. I was really rooting for you towards the end and gave me a few laughs.

    @Selene Pity that Siena never got to interact with you. A lot of Siena's friends were ordermates of yours. I knew that the love and loyalties you all shared were very deep. Besides Mithraea you were the only other divine I was saddened in real life over.


  • I appreciate that they are dead, is that the same thing?
  • Save that for another thread.
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