Sloganize a city or house



  • just fucking admit you're wrong, fix it, and end the convo. Jesus you people are fucking prideful
  • Tbf he's drunk
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    Kiet said:
    Tbf he's drunk
    Not particularly unusual.
    - (Eleusis): Ellodin says, "The Fissure of Echoes is Sarathai's happy place."
    - With sharp, crackling tones, Kyrra tells you, "The ladies must love you immensely."
    - (Eleusian Ranger Techs): Savira says, "Most of the hard stuff seem to have this built in code like: If adventurer_hitting_me = "Sarathai" then send("terminate and selfdestruct")."
    - Makarios says, "Serve well and perish."
    - Xaden says, "Xaden confirmed scrub 2017."

  • Oh. Well, if he's drunk, that's okay then!
  • SzanthaxSzanthax San Diego
    Sarathai said:
    Kiet said:
    Tbf he's drunk
    Not particularly unusual.
    You guys talking about me?

    Szan: drunker than ocean is water

  • @Szanthax are you Targossas' fourth house now? :p

  • SzanthaxSzanthax San Diego
    Valkyn said:
    @Szanthax are you Targossas' fourth house now? :p
    Fourth house... All the houses... Same fatness

  • Cyrene actually *hurk* has a slogan *nnnnnngk* already.  That Higher state of mind tho, RIP Queeneficia

  • Khairt said:
    Cyrene actually *hurk* has a slogan *nnnnnngk* already.  That Higher state of mind tho, RIP Queeneficia
    You seem to have neglected to mention that Cyrene also has an anthem.

  • I hear it has to be sung in both Cyrenese and Common or the blufest bloc will push for secession. 

  • ZahanZahan Valhalla
    Eleusis:  What's an "oak stone"?

    Ashtan:  We are the city of freedo... err, I mean, We are slaves to a madman!

    * Occie house:  We used to dominate the chaos lords.  Now we take orders from them.  Progress ftw.

    Hashan:  Let me tell you about darkness, just as soon as I rinse out this black hair dye.

    Mhaldor:  Only we can haz necromancy.

    Targossas:  Shallam is so awesome, we made it twice!

    Cyrene:  *heavy breathing* You want a cookie?

    Deathwalker:  Yeah, uh, Thoth is still around... We are delete.
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  • Zahan said:

    Targossas:  Shallam is so awesome, we made it twice!

         He is a coward who has to bring two friends as backup to jump people hunting.

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    Targossas: I have nothing against you personally but the bloodsworn want your heathen head mounted on a pike.
    And if you ever get married i can't wait to decapitate your heathen childrens as well.
  • JeslynJeslyn United States
    ^ Slogan, doll. I don't think that would fit on a standard size coffee mug. :(
  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    Cyrene: Kawhe? Where?!? *twitch*
    Huh. Neat.
  • Rogues: We're having fun while you work yourselves into anxiety issues.

    *Bo joins a House anyway*

    Savants: Hey, we can have fun! And self-medicate with bliss.
    Miin-aan baash kimini-sij-i-gan bitooyin sij-i-gan-i bukwayszhiigan = blueberry π
  • Bumping this thread to include classes:

    Priest: We’re nerfed every time so you don't have to be.

    Paladin: Not the HAIR!

    Devotionists: “Worthless” until someone needs a deliver.

    Serpent: Creeping those stockrooms all day, every day.

    Shaman: Don’t kick my body!

    Merchants: Yes, we’re doing it for the money.

    Crafterwho: Will design your fetishes for food.

    Scholars: ^ What?! People get paid to write?

    Mage: AHAHAHAHA! *explosions everwhere as team embraces*

  • Depthswalker: Edgy

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
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