What's your favorite class?

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Not everyone can or does play their favorite class. Maybe thats less true now with multiclass, but it still might be the case. Or maybe you are lucky enough to play your favorite class!

Either way I'd like to hear what class is your favorite, and why!

 ** Unfortunately there is no way to have 17 options, so I had to group some of the classes together. Just make it clear in your response what class you're talking about!


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    Man grouping some of these together completely invalidates the point of a poll.

    Serpent though, only con of serpent has always been that its power has fluctuated pretty wildly over the years. After that, old sentinel, and I think I'd love bard if it wasn't completely devoid of utility.
  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WA
    Grouping ruins the poll. 

    Druid and priest in that order. 
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  • I know, I was definitely interested in the distribution... But more so the discussion!
  • Okay:

    Favorite Class:

    Favorite Class Results:

    ** Use results to get the results instead of answering multiple times.
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
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    I love Weaponmastery, so in that regard my vote applies to all knight classes. However, if I could choose unconstrained, I'd switch from Runewarden to Infernal in a heartbeat. Other than that, I love bard, and regret never really putting in the effort to learn it well when I had all the class skills transed. 

    I'll probably love Blademaster too, if I ever manage to get enough lessons for it.

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    Classes played: Runewarden (in guild times), Apostate, Monk, Serpent.

    Favorite is Serpent mostly for world-wide mobility between dashing, warp and wings. I'll have to factor in an anklet of dashing cost if I ever pick up a second class (which is unlikely as a dex heavy serpent).

    edit: Actually I really like Tekura too. A fast sneaky monk would be fun with anklet and shadowcloak.
  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    None of the above. Would've said shaman before spiritlore became a thing. I still miss runelore (I realize I am probably in the minority on that opinion, that's okay). So I'll have to go with dragon.
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  • Magi was my first character's class. Always a warm spot. I absolutely fell in love with every single spell as I slowly learned them, and no other class has ever measured up to the wonder for me. When I made this one I picked sylvan because I didn't want to be in a city and it at least had elementalism :hurrah: but that's gone now :cry: 
  • Apostate / Occultist in that order.

    My current character would've been Apostate, but I'm not really a fan of Mhaldor. (no offence to any of its members, just not my cup of tea) - Flavour and capability of the class is just amazing. Soulcage, Blackwind, Gravehands are all awesome too.

    Occultist lore. Mmm. And basically the same reasons for liking Apostate - Apostate just takes the cake, because I like the way it fights moreso than Occultist.

  • Dragon.
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  • Paladin's a dream, and its hunting abilities are honestly the best I've seen (and fit the class so very, very well).

    And having something like Bloodsworn to tie your character to another with is just the loveliest <3
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    Serpent for the sheer utility. 

  • I loveee serpent, but I would sort of kill for bloodsworn. So sexy. Not go 'good' however, that's too far. :expressionless: 

  • I honestly have to go with Magi.

    I really liked Monk for a lot of years, but Magi is so useful. Flying, awesome bashing, a room specific sensing ability, powerful combat, I really cant complain.

    Iv hardly touched multiclass just because I love Magi that much. A lot of good RP to be had with it as well.  
  • Jester. Without doubt. Sobby hasn't been anything else, but other characters have. I cant even bring myself to multiclass on Sobby, seems Jester is too ingrained in his personality. My alt has been Apostate, Magi, Occie, Monk (x2), infernal and Serpent (x2). Love the serpent class although could never really figure out combat and didn't play him enough to grab a decent teacher and learn. He's still serpent and wont be changing, its great fun.

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  • Ugh, Sylvan.

    It's just so disgustingly good looking, fun and suited Tahquil down to the buttons. A character utilizing external powers far greater than herself to keep people at a distance and if they do get close they are met with a towering cocoon of hardened wood to protect the soft, vulnerable person within. 
  • Customized blades, Fly like a butterfly..sting like a bee
    Whats there not to like, I created Gamden purely on the blademaster class

    Wish i had more time learning PvP completely,
    Notable mention to the Runewardens, got it for my second class in multiclass. IT looks amazaballs

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    Alchemist, cos I can actually hunt in Alchie and not dragonform. Extispicy critting on DOT is way too awesome, petrify and robes for tankiness. I now hunt quicker than dragonform.

    Been a Jester, hunted to dragon as a Priest, but those were too long ago before my dormancy I totally forgot how they were.

  • Sentinel for the hunting, though Runie would be a close second for that - but like Skye already said: for utility reasons, Serpent rocks.
  • Serpent is definitely my favourite overall. If I could pick any class without regard for alignment/restrictions though, Sena would probably take sentinel and/or sylvan before serpent. As much as I love serpent, I've been one so many times across several characters that it would be more fun to go with something else (since I can't see Sena joining Eleusis though, there's a good chance serpent will still end up being my second class when I can afford to reach a decent skill level).
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    'Monk' said no one ever :proud: 

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  • I picked Paladin all those years ago when I started playing, and I've stuck with it since. While I've been using multiclass as an opportunity to branch out and try new things, Paladin will always be my favourite.
  • Hunting, runie all the damn way.
  • Toss up between sent/serp/jester.
  • Magi/Serpent/Monk

    Magi and Serpent have the best RP, combat, and utility IMO. Monk is the easiest class to bash with and (historically) had good RP.
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  • Manach said:
    Monk is the easiest class to bash with and (historically) had good RP.
    Based on a couple of comments just a little while ago, it's apparently not that good for bashing nowadays.
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  • Inky. (old shaman)

    Don't really like the way they did spiritlore, even though there are some nifty additions the overall implementation feels sloppy. Took some time to investigate how the changes were roleplayed out as well and honestly felt disappointed with how it treated all the history that went into shamans.

    Still, the current version is closer than anything else for me.
  • KasyaKasya Tennessee
    Priest. So much priest. There are only a couple classes I haven't played with, but priest by far is the best of the ones I have.

    Apostate is not the same for an Evil alternative. :( 
  • I'm finally in the Apostate camp at least for the moment.

    I love blackwind/beckon.

    I would still maybe choose priest if I had access, but without being able to actually play it in a good raid situation, it's hard to call it my favorite.

  • Sarathai said:
    Manach said:
    Monk is the easiest class to bash with and (historically) had good RP.
    Based on a couple of comments just a little while ago, it's apparently not that good for bashing nowadays.
    Yeah, but it was for the majority or its existence. Call me dated.
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