Mobile Bashing

So, due to some personal circumstances, I'm only going to be able to log in and bash while on Mobile during times where I'd be on my computer, with maybe an hour or two on the computer. An hour or two every few days isn't really going to help since I planned on getting to level 80 before Novak turned 20, which is an unknown amount of days thanks to my laziness.

So, I was thinking of changing my Nexus client to only have one or two buttons while on my phone so my keyboard doesn't take up most of the space, but there isn't a way to access the client settings while mobile nor do I feel like changing around the settings on my computer when I start to log off after the bashing session.

Instead, I was wondering if anyone knew of an android app (apk) that I could use with the ability to add buttons and even possibly gauges (gauges not necessary, I can easily use a prompt or whatever)? Preferably free and somewhat newbie friendly with the ability to add triggers, as well. And not a storage eater. 

If not, how about a way to create like a second profile for the Nexus that I can use an alias to activate or something like that.


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