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Installing mudlet on a secondary hard-drive/portable drive

MannimarMannimar Member Posts: 973
Is there a way to set up mudlet so that the  .config folder is on a drive other than  c? 

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  • KlendathuKlendathu Eye of the StormMember Posts: 3,178 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Yes, very possible, I have mine set up so it's on a folder in my OneDrive, so it syncs across multiple machines.

    Which OS?

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  • MannimarMannimar Member Posts: 973
    I run windows and Ubuntu both, so if you know how for each I will love you forever
  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna beMember Posts: 3,370 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    <3 symlinks
    Huh. Neat.
  • MannimarMannimar Member Posts: 973
    So, how do I do this with symlinks? It looks like symlinks still requires  the .config folder to be on my C drive? I can't have any mudlet files on my C drive. Sorry this is all new to me, so I'm trying to process what needs to be done.
  • MannimarMannimar Member Posts: 973
    @Sena and @Klendathu have given the closest thing to what I was looking for so far, and thank you. This should work for me for the time being at the very least! 
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