Emote-style Fight Club



  • I want so much in this but : 

    1- Being a non-physical class makes it awkward to get involved. I've figured out one or two ways that I could get myself involved but I find it a bit unfair that your fighting style might be standing on the other side of the room casting.

    2- I would -love- to be the physician for this but you may need someone a bit 'softer' for the role. (Come on multiclass priest.)
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    I keep mentioning stats, but perhaps I should be more clear. If I base this too much upon all the little advantages someone has, then they might as well just go to the arena. This type of fighting gives people a chance to use their wit instead of their brawn, but I also don't want to completely disregard the difference between a dragon and some novice.  I am leaning more toward a  roll weight, a difference of maximum 2 in a d20 roll. This would be based on more obvious things like I mentioned.  Then having each range of numbers in the roll mean a certain amount of success.  What's taking me extra time with this is deciding how best to quantify the fight.  Do I leave it up to an obvious win/loss? Do I say it's to a certain number of points? I am not trying to invent my own game mechanics here, so I loathe the idea of having health levels. However, I think of boxing and  of scoring fights that way, since I can also use that IC, and eventually moving to having the fights "timed" (understood number of emote rounds before the fight is cut off). Mostly, I prefer players to decide for themselves when their character has had enough damage and would concede, faint, etc. I also know from experience that some players don't like to lie down no matter what, so most of this system is to try to mitigate that. 


    For your first point, it's not as difficult as you'd think. Your opponent can close the distance in an emote, if needed, or throw something to knock you off kilter. It doesn't take as big of a stretch as you think it would. People fight in the arena this way anyways, right? A couple days ago I emoted beginning a hypnotism on someone from a little out of reach and they kicked dirt in my character's eyes. (Hypnotism, by the way to anyone else reading this, is one of those skills where you need to be careful not to go overboard. I actually mainly use it when I distinctly plan to have someone thwart it.)

    As for your second point, I don't really believe there is a wrong type of person for the role, as long as they enjoy RP healing.  Hell, I'd accept a jester with a bandage, if s/he could tell when someone took a mortal wound.
  • Still doing this, by the way. Freestyle only. This is just the busiest month of the year for me, so I mostly will be around on weekends for a little while.
  • TarausTaraus The Gypsy Wind
    Awesome idea.

    And Tart's always down for a barfight.


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  • JinsunJinsun TN, USA
    Ahh the old rock, paper, dynamite and in breakable shield fallacy.
  • AereidhnaAereidhna Dallas
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    I'd love to get in on this - I'd much prefer freestyle fistfights and non-class weapons (e.g. daggers in my case perhaps) without armour, though. I'd also enjoy RPing a healer role if that's open :)
  • Yeah, absolutely! In fact, I usually begin my fights with a trident and then ditch it when I inevitably get hit a couple times by someone who is using stuff they are more familiar with. I RP fought @Kog once and he used his old blademaster sword and emoted a style of fighting that goes along with that class, even though he had left it. I've even fought people just fist versus fist... or with objects around the room.

    As far as RP healer goes, I would definitely love someone to play that. Part of the fun of RP fights is not healing yourself immediately and factoring your injury into your emotes. Some people really love playing doctor or magic healer, too, and this certainly provides an avenue for that. I also would love the idea of calling a particularly brutal fight when someone can no longer fight back. There could be a healer watching the fight to signal when it could be called.  I better stop now or I'll dream up every last detail.
  • Yes! Let's do this :) it is something I've had RL experience in but Aereidhna has never done, but it really suits her personality I think (more like street brawling, not traditional combat or fights to the death). She's a 5-foot scrub, to quote Tibitha, who is generally really nice and sweet, but loves to talk shit and is confrontational when pushed. She is also really interested in healing as a follower of Lady Val so could be a healer for other people's fights too - calling when things get too rough, mending wounds and whatnot. It might take me a minute to get the hang of how things flow, emote-wise, but I'd love to do an initiation fight with you sometime soon :) so excited! The amount of work and thought you've put into all this is awesome. Thank you for setting it up.
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