What life would you choose?



  • UtianimaUtianima Norway and Austria
    1. Fisher King. Ego says: "Could play Achaea all day, with no worries except who to invite for dinner and cake."
    2. Healer. Inner self says: "Do it, for the greater good." Ego says: "I've always wanted magical powers."

    Hunter. Pretty much sums up Uti's life.

  • UtianimaUtianima Norway and Austria
    Amanu said:
    Traveler never says you have to be alone or that there's only one pack so.. I'd be a traveler. There's always a chance you end up traveling with a healer, seeing a Fisher King's home, walk the lands of a Dominion, help a Hunter or even end up as the apprentice, make a friend who you only get to see when you sleep and all of this... because it is your last life as Nakama and you're trying to find that place you believe is where you go after you die. 
    I love the way you think! :) It's not possible to have been Nakama in previous life though. He/she ends up not reincarnating after last life.

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    @Mayapple and I discussed this a while back. Like Amanu, we reached the conclusion that a Traveler's best companion would be someone like the Healer. The Healer would know how to make contact with the Traveler, and as long as the Traveler never took the optional 'alternate world' route available every so often, you'd never lose your companion for long.

    EDIT: After thinking on it this long my answer is still the Road Eternal.

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