Bay Area, California



  • Rispok said:
    Was fun, lots of pictures were taken.

    Unfortunately I forgot to take the lens cover off of my camera
    I realized how horribly we had failed on that front halfway home.
  • Sarapis said:
    Yep, it's like people said: We were generally having too good a time to take pics. It was a great meet, and I've been to a lot of meets!

  • HyperlithHyperlith San Fierro area, San Andreas
    Saeva said:
    Had a lovely time with you all. Apparently between the time I ran out with my card and put an extra hour on the meter, came back and put it into the wallet in my purse and then the time we left (about an hour), someone stole my wallet out of my purse and went and spent 500 bucks at a sunglasses boutique, 150 bucks at a sports apparel shop and 4 bucks at Starbucks. Fortunately it was simply disputed and the card is cancelled but anyone who ever lost a wallet knows the pain that is replacing all cards and IDs. Happy 30th birthday to me, I got pick pocketed! Each of you were really a delight though.
    Lordy, I cannot believe we didn't see that! :(
    Great to meet you (and all), and sorry we missed an opportunity to FFA an asshat.

  • What the hell. They stole your wallet from the table? Thats nuts.

    They are lucky we didn't see them, would hate to drop vibes and start staffcasting in the middle of Perry's.

    Luckily, between the two of us we could have quickly gotten cata up @Saeva, transfixed them, and gotten the wallet back.

    Anyway, big shout out to @Hyperlith for driving part of the way, super awesome guy btw.

    @Sarapis for buying dinner and putting up with our questions. We'll have to do another meet but this time the mere mortals pay. 

    Blown away by @Kenway's extensive combat knowledge, was fun to nerd out at the end of the table for a few. 

    @Rispok Glad you were in the area and got this idea going! Super worth the drive

    @Saeva Freaking adorable little family over there on the end. Need to get your husband hooked on Achaea though.

    @Verrucht For answering my misc. achaea gossip questions. This guy knows everything
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