Bay Area, California

I will be at Berkeley this summer for 10 weeks in an intensive Ancient Greek language course, and would love to meet up with some Achaeans during that time. I know @Sarapis is near there, but is anyone else down to meet up and show me the area?


  • KenwayKenway San Francisco
    Verrucht Saeva Krypton Taraus and I are all nearby I believe. 

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  • Yup. I just float around. I'm down in Monterey but I make trips all around the bay area when there's reason to do so. Especially when beer or food are the reason.

  • Thinking of doing an informal Bay Area meetup at a bar or something this summer.
  • I should be back in the area shortly after Comic Con assuming @Saeva doesn't kick me out for calling her smelly.
  • ValentinusValentinus Los Angeles, CA
    I also live in the area.  A meet sounds like it could be fun.

    I take commissions.
  • I'll be arriving on Sunday night and will be there until August 14th I think. If a few of us want to get together that would be really fun. I'll have weekends off, but no form of transportation other than what's public. Never been up there so I have no clue where would be good.

    Look forward to seeing you all soon!
  • You'll have no problem getting to Oakland and San Francisco from Berkeley, using BART, Rispok. 
  • I live near Sac, so I MIGHT be able to go, but I'll be busy until the end of July and by then I'll be broke. I could get a ride...but we'll see
    You know, that one thing at that one place, with that one person.

    Yea, that one!
  • Just got in last night, I'm in a shitty dorm building, but at least I have a very good view of the bridge and Alcatraz from my window! So far campus is quite nice, too, and people are generally friendlier than at UCLA and in LA as a whole.
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    Is Bay Area nice? what is classed as 'bay area'? Does it have bullfrogs or a zoo?
  • @Tahquil The Bay Area is very nice. The three main cities in it are San Francisco (awesome), Oakland (pretty cool, but a bit crime-ridden), and San Jose (utterly boring) but it's a large area. 

    Yes, there are multiple zoos in the Bay Area. There's also a shitload of ocean coastline, giant redwoods, one of America's great cities, gorgeous hiking/outdoors stuff, awesome food, etc. 
  • Also, having been here for less than 24 hours, I've gotten multiple offers for LSD. Must be the fact that I look like a space cadet.
  • KenwayKenway San Francisco
    Muir Woods, Hot Cookie (You're not allowed to google. It's on Castro and Market.), De Young, Academy of Sciences, Conservatory, MoMA. All things I really think people should experience when they visit but usually get passed up for more touristy stuff like Pier 39 or Alcatraz.

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  • In SF: Blue Bottle Coffee (if you drink coffee, if not w/e) and Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream. Both amazing. Both in the Ferry building if you want to go to one place or they have separate locations as well.

  • @Sarapis just found this thread. I'm down! Not 21 though! So if possible, a bar that anyone can go into? Or at least 18+? :D
  • Kenway said:
    Verrucht Saeva Krypton Taraus and I are all nearby I believe. 
    Oh perfect @Kenway, we can talk med school talk :D
  • For all those interested, how does the weekend after next sound? That would be July 18thish I believe.
  • I could make it up that way if something's going on.

  • TarausTaraus The Gypsy Wind
    Hmmm, possibly (big if, though), will depend on what nonsense crops up between now and then, and for the record, I'm in San Anselmo currently (based on the map Sarapis posted, it's Fairfax, amongst the dirty fucking hippies).

  • I have a party to plan that weekend.
  • Bumping this since I'll be more free on weekends now. Weekend of August 1st or August 8th?
  • let's shoot for August 8th! What are we thinking?
  • The 8th is my birthday. So being candy and soda to celebrate.

  • KenwayKenway San Francisco

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  • Coming back from being dormant! I live in the bay. Is this still a thing?
  • August 8th would work for me. Let's call it for that night!

    Anyone have suggestions for a place? It should be in SF, and needs to be somewhere Zuko, who is under 21, can get into, but also absolutely has to be somewhere with booze. I think that makes a restaurant the way to go, perhaps with a nice bar in it.

  • @Halos give us some ideas here!
  • Man when I lived in SF I lingered in all of the grimiest of places. But there are so many amazing restaurants with a nice bar. I'll try to think of a few places to throw out there, but I'd say 95% sure you can count me in.

  • Also time-wise. Sixish work? It's a few hours drive for me (3 roughly), so aiming to get home around 1 or 2 AM.  
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