Grook appreciation thread



  • The glubbers of Meropis. Located in the swamp of Grukai, nearby to the ruins of Seleucar. A possible branching of the original grook race?

    Standing nearly seven feet tall, this powerfully built creature resembles a primitive grook, with a
    distinctly humanoid head and a body like that of a massive frog. He is covered in rubbery skin of
    emerald hue that dully reflects the surrounding light. Located at the end of the creature's arms are
    hands with slightly webbed fingers terminating in razor-sharp nails, each sharpened to a perfect

    They speak in a primitive tongue that is indiscernible

  • HalosHalos The Reaches
    There are also Glubbers and Glubbians in Enverren

    A frenzied cleric screams, "Like more than one halo!"
  • Not sure if it has been suggested so far, but why don't we find a way to organize IG and make an encyclopedia about all we know about our race? We should compile a tome and analyze its contents, see if it leads us somewhere :)

    Gonna be fun RP too!
  • Ready for battle!

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