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  • I actually really like the white. For some reason the dark background with the white text (like the old forums had) made me eyes go funny after a while. I'm surprised no one else had this problem.
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    This white is quite sharp on the eyes, so yes definitely dark theme for the win.
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    @Veldrin I think you need to open some more tabs.

  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
    I don't usually open many tabs, but when I do my computer explodes a little.
    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
  • @Sarapis Did you want all the css? Or just the front page? Like I said earlier, I just did the single page mockup (since that's relatively quick) and ditched it. I certainly don't mind going through all of it, but I don't love css-land enough to do it multiple times xP. Rolling with off-white, popular opinion, or more color experiments?
  • We'll roll with off-white!
  • image

    Forum fail! Will message the css to interested parties. :(
  • Yep, thanks. Jeremy is the guy to send it to.
  • Jeremy == Jumpy? I sent it to Jumpy.

    Also, if anyone wants it in black, message me, it was just a couple of color switches from off white soooo yeah. Options :)
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    @Yrael can drop it in at and it gives you a shortlink.

  • Off white:

    Black(ish, may still be buggy, didn't check as rigorously):
  • Sorry, been out of town. I am going to try the off white first and see how much people flip the heck out.
  • Okay, people let me know about this off white one and what you think. I like it much better then super white myself.
  • I dig this one far more than the previous one, for sure.
  • It is better but the contrast with all the orange on white is just ick.
  • I think @Yrael worked up a dark one as well. I will let this sit for a couple of days, or wait for @Sarapis to get back from a little trip he is on before I go all crazy on it.
  • D: several things seem to have been lost in translation into the forums, looks like more CSS needs to be overwritten for it to get to what I was looking at. Did not have massive dots in the lines separating replies at least... and it didn't get rid of enough of the bolded fonts :<

    @Kinilan -- Not dark enough on the orange, or just don't like orange? I picked a relatively dark one but my monitor's pretty bright so I donno if that's enough.
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    This colour scheme seems similar but with pastel tones making certain details pop out less, like the "7 new" new post count boxes beside thread listings which are now in a cinnamon colour rather than the previous orange-red (IIRC), which is not bad exactly but I don't particularly prefer it to the previous iteration. Post text is now dark grey on light grey/blue instead of black on white which is a few degrees harder to read, and I dislike that. Individual posts within threads are now less well delineated which is a bad thing, but apparently the lines of dots between posts are in error, so I'll wait for that to be fixed before commenting on in.
  • It looks like they use the !important bit a little too much in the css. Let me know where there are problems and I will sort it out. I removed the large dots at least.
  • I wish multiple themes were supported, since I really prefer a crisp white one, but apparently others prefer the more mellow off-white style.
  • The tiny text is what gets me. Obviously  I can adjust that on my end. But damn it I should have to do things! Do things is for other people. Maybe a better default font? Might I suggest Comic Sans?

    But no. Seriously the font disagrees with my eyes. Both of them
  • The color of the text makes my eyes hurt.
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  • It's still showing up as a white background for me. :(
    My free mudlet scripts can be had HERE.
  • yeah still got white here and I dislike it, I never got any lights on in my house and sitting in the dark and having this white forum is a pain for the eyes. Black is much better
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    So I'm immediately used to msot of the changes, and the dots-between-posts thing is fixed. But I still dislike that posts have a grey font on an off-white background. There isn't enough contrast and it feels like a strain to read. I'd prefer darker or just black text.

    Testing black.

    Dark grey...

    Less dark grey...

    Halfway to white...

    Closer still...

    Almost there...

    And this is white.
  • OceanaOceana North Sea
    Can I ask for divider lines between comments please?
  • Oceana said:
    Can I ask for divider lines between comments please?
    I just realised the lines I was seeing are actually between comments and signatures. Some sort of segmentation or delineation between each comment, as used to appear, would be good, agreed.
  • Uh yeah, the lines are supposed to be there and visible, just not huge and black, haha. I'll take a look at it and other stuffs tomorrow.
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    In my line of work (HMI systems for controlling stuff like oil platforms) the standard is to use a grey background, with a dark grey text. Quite relaxing for the eyes, and important buttons like "post comment", "WTF", "LOL", "LIKE",.. pops out very nicely.

  • I agree on the black test and something to separate comments. I will look at that later today.
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