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Quick Coding Questions



  • Atalkez
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    Draugryn said:
    So, jumping back into the game with a new computer, loaded svof and keneanung's basher (not sure if either are still being maintained) and keep running into an issue that I'm sure has a super simple fix but I'm just not seeing it. I also know very little about how any of this works.

    Basically, the &tar isn't picking up my targets. Even when I've killed the mob manually, and it shows up in the prio list, the command doesn't seem to linking the &tar with my target (or anything on the list). 

    For reference, my command through the basher is: 

    keneanung: attackcommand is now battlefury focus speed/slaughter
    Alias "keneanungki" will now execute: "battlefury focus speed/slaughter &tar"

    What am I missing/doing wrong?
    When you set your target, are you using the SETTARGET command? That is what sets, and lets you reference,  &tar within a SS alias.

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