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    Jinsun said:
    I bet Ernam's parents hated him.

    "you're grounded."

    "no I'm not!"

    "yes you are, for hitting the neighbors kid"

    "you can't ground me without a reason."

    "...we just gave you a reason."

    "I'm not grounded!"

    "Yes you are."

    " I'm going to pay the admin to ban you!"

    "you're adopted"

    @Tecton, are we just severely short on mods, or what?  If simultaneously derailing my thread while being insanely offensive is not against the forum rules, then what is?

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    You must be confused, Ernam. I am unsure of this serpent char you believe I have, but whoever you think I am (that you are beating) isn't me!

    Anyway, since we're talking about data, hopped on test server for a moment and got some numbers:

    10 seconds of attacking against passive bedevil, received 9 afflictions back (almost 1 aff per second).

    10 seconds of attacking again, received 5 afflictions back (1 aff per 2 seconds).

    Active bedeviled with four affs, received 2 of them (50%).

    Not a huge set of data, but I'm not bored enough to gather more.

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    Agreed, because it certainly isn't a huge set of data, and it's pretty obvious that they were hand-picked to show extreme results that happen to support your argument.  We already know what the proc rates are for bedevil anyways, so why are you trying to tell us they're much higher than they actually are?

    Showcasing a set of nine "snake-eyes" out of ten dice rolls (ignoring the other thousand sets) does not in any way mean that there's a 90% chance that rolling dice will result in this occurring.  Your first "data set" reminded of one of those youtube videos where someone throws a ping-pong ball into a plastic cup on the ground, from the top of the Eiffel tower, "in a single attempt".

    I mean, are you seriously going to quote us "50%" on active bedevil, which is purely random, based on a single data point?  (this is a rhetorical question, because yes, you did do exactly that)

    We are all, including yourself, educated enough to know that that's intentionally misleading data, but I half-heartedly appreciate you actually bothering to try to back up your counter-argument with some kind of facts.
  • Dude in all seriousness you've been rude, arrogant condescending and mean on the majority of your responses to legitimately polite responses. Why on earth should anyone dignify you with a polite response if you're just going to tell them how wrong/stupid they are? You've told the first and second ranked combatants and numerous people who are better than both of us how stupid and wrong  we all are, and you've had the nerve to accuse the admin of bribery and gotten mouthy with Makarios about combat. Do you really think anything derails this thread ( which probably should have been closed when the original discussion ended) more than your ego? I'm a jerk for sure but let's not pretend that you're actually seeking improvement or feedback here.
  • Right, Ernam. I manufactured the data, as opposed to just testing for ten seconds, then logging off. Just like I wouldn't fight you as monk (lol), you beat me as BM (lol when have I ever even fought BM Ernam), you beat me as priest (lolrite), and unicorns are running around in my backyard.

  • Incidentally,  that second stat is one aff per two seconds, not two affs per seconds.
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    Jacen said:
    Incidentally,  that second stat is one aff per two seconds, not two affs per seconds.
    Erm. Right, that was just me typing it wrong. Oops. Corrected it.
  • Ernam said:

    Discuss the topic of the thread, please.  If all you have to contribute is calling me a liar, then just hit the "back" button, and stay there.

    ...You are making up tons of shit about me for no reason. Of course we are going to call you a liar. -You- stick to the topic.
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    If Mathonwy is 2006 I wish 2007 had never come.
    Xenomorph said:
    heh. Mathowned.
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  • Abuse flag or it didn't happen. To be honest, even passive bedevil hurts as an aff class. Why are we still talking about this?
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    i wish there is an 'annoying' button.

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