New Year's Resolutions

While we're all waiting for the release of Trade Skills and changes to knight classes, how about we share our character's resolutions for the new OOC year!


  • Bluef's new year's resolutions are pretty simple and a continuation of things she's been working on lately:
    • Try to interact with more people (she's a bit of a hermit at present)
    • Resolve any remaining enemy statuses I can
    • Mend my reputation further
    • Don't get any new enemy statuses
    • Do whatever possible to help support Clopin and the development of the Delosians clan, which is on its way to going democratic
    • Focus more on Order-related roleplay to help build interest up in Dream-related things
    • Find ways to open up roleplay for rogues in the realm, especially the RAW clan
    • Take more of a back seat in the Curia, so Achimrst can do his thang as Seer
    • Donate more time and attention to the Keepers of the Song
    • Get back into PK a little more somehow someway for some reason
  • Make lots of bounties on Bluef for no reason.

    Try to be more active and do more combat-like things.
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    I don't plan that far ahead.

  • edited December 2014
    Since everyone knows New Years' Resolutions never become true.
    • Log in for longer than 5 minutes.
    • Don't troll Vaehl.
    • Be nice to Bonko.

  • I haven't planned super far ahead for Tir, so far her goals are fairly minor ones.

    - Get a mentor who doesn't scare the pants off her.

    - Become more social and integrate into Mhaldor's society.

    - Work on reqs for House.

    - Embrace Knight changes and learn combat.
  • Do stuff hopefully involving level 80 in some way.
  • Dji is resolved to actually do stuff and not just sleep the centuries away. What that stuff is...well, that's new years Dji's problem.
  • MasarykMasaryk Sangre Plains
    Seal my grove and harvest my bee hive 365 times.

  • Some from me, already in the works:

    * Finally retire from War Chieftain
    * ACTIVELY go semi-dormant, and remember to log in ONLY once a year or so
    * Bitch and moan as often as possible.
  • DaslinDaslin The place with the oxygen
    CR6, so close I can taste it.
    Uhhh, be more awesome.
    Be a good little Nihilist(If I ever make it)
    uhhh... Somehow earn the title Das should've earned RL years ago.
  • KelloniusKellonius Cape Girardeau, Missouri
    edited December 2014
    Log in for longer than a few minutes.
  • I resolve to have no resolutions because I'm too lazy to have any.

    ... maybe I'll actually get dragon this year... ... ... yeah, who'm I kidding. 2016 dragon.
    When Canada rules the world,
    things will be... nii~ice.
  • SharaShara Midlands
    Shara doesn't make resolutions, aka promises. She does plan ahead though:

    Steal Read more books
    Steal Collect more things
    Keep demanding  praying for a telescope for Ashtan
    Keep praying for a riding crop
    Keep making friends in unusual places (That includes cornering @Omi in the Scriptorium to have arsenic tea with her)
    Try to keep the number of times she's restricted from HT and HNT to under 12, 20... let's play it safe, under 35 times.
    Get a bloody library that would make @Tharvis proud
    Lay in bed more writing bad poetry to amuse people
    Help see the Warlocks through the Ren
    ...uh- Magic and stuff

    I would like to see Shara:

    Get Dragon
    Avoid Father-Daughter bickering on HNT (Why did you apply for the Warlocks, @Sable?! Can't I have anything nice?)
    Not end up in exile because @Ryldagh has had enough of her jokes at his expense
    Non-decay the huge pile of things she has waiting
    Servants, yes.
    Keep chasing after the things and people who intrigue her

  • AmanuAmanu Forge Tree
    Become Elder(CR 6) in Eleusis

    Try to not spend so much on promotions

    Work on something(s) in the Merchant House

    Complete Elder Dragon talisman set

    Be awesome(done)

    Hug Sarapis



  • Amarillys said:
    Make least one Eleusian friend! (I'm starting to think they're made up.)
    And as he slept he dreamed a dream, and this was his dream.
    • Regain level 108.5
    • Become more Nature-y
    • Switch class if Runewarden 1 vs 1 still sucks (lol 3 minute prep)

    [ SnB PvP Guide | Link ]

    [ Runewarden Sparring Videos | Link ]
  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    Get Praetor again.
    Join a House for the first time. Assuming that the Renaissance ever happens in Ashtan.
    Eventually regain all the artefacts that got traded in for my Chenubian wings.
    Customise said artefacts.
    Hopefully get some semblance of direction which hasn't really existed since Bal'met nuked Selene.
    (D.M.A.): Cooper says, "Kyrra is either the most innocent person in the world, or the girl who uses the most innuendo seemingly unintentionally but really on purpose."

  • - Get to Level 90.
    - Help make the Drake Family a bit more lively/active/producing babies again.
    - Related to the last: Finish the Drake Manor.
    - Progress the next stages in Valk's religious/Order development.
    - Finally figure out how combat works. Maybe. Possibly. We can table that.

  • TharvisTharvis The Land of Beer and Chocolate!
    - Get closer to dragon.
    Aurora says, "Tharvis, why are you always breaking things?!"
    Artemis says, "You are so high maintenance, Tharvis, gosh."
    Tecton says, "It's still your fault, Tharvis."

  • Valkyre said:
    - Get to Level 90.
    - Help make the Drake Family a bit more lively/active/producing babies again.
    - Related to the last: Finish the Drake Manor.
    - Progress the next stages in Valk's religious/Order development.
    - Finally figure out how combat works. Maybe. Possibly. We can table that.
    I'm trying!!

    umm... my resolutions? I don't have any save finding reasons to keep going.

  • SethSeth North Carolina
    1. Get Dragon (hopefully in the next 2-3 achaean years)
    2. Enjoy the new toys I get when they give Sylvans a new skill.
    3. Obtain higher ranks in Eleusis and the army.
    4. Scratch hopefully, I WILL be dragon in the next 2-3 achaean years. I just have to decide between Black, Blue, and Gold for my color.
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