[Mudlet] Alchemical cure lookup

Short script that gives details on alchemical cures, along with what the concoctions equivalent is.  I am not a coder (you will see that), so I'm sure this could be done much more efficiently - but it works for me.

It's mostly going to be useful for people who haven't yet given over a large portion of their brain to learning a second set of cures - particularly novices.  I'd say it's designed to be simple to install and understand what's going on, but in truth I don't know how to design anything more complicated.

Use: "whatis [alchemical]"

There aren't data for Concoctions cures or venoms.

(For reference, the reverse already exists in-game as "WHATCURES [affliction]".)

"Installation" (copy and paste)

One alias
Pattern: ^whatis (\w+)


One "script" (not really a script):

-- Cures mappings

curename = {}

curename.antimony = "Antimony flake"

curename.argentum = "Argentum flake"

curename.arsenic = "Arsenic pellet"

curename.aurum = "Aurum flake"

curename.azurite = "Azurite mote"

curename.bisemutum = "Bisemutum chip"

curename.calamine = "Calamine crystal"

curename.calcite = "Calcite mote"

curename.cinnabar = "Pinch of ground cinnabar"

curename.cuprum = "Cuprum flake"

curename.dolomite = "Dolomite grain"

curename.ferrum = "Ferrum flake"

curename.gypsum = "Gypsum crystal"

curename.magnesium = "Magnesium chip"

curename.malachite = "Pinch of ground malachite"

curename.plumbum = "Plumbum flake"

curename.potash = "Potash crystal"

curename.quartz = "Quartz grain"

curename.quicksilver = "Quicksilver droplet"

curename.realgar = "Pinch of ground realgar"

curename.stannum = "Stannum flake"

curename.density = "Density balm"

curename.exothermic = "Exothermic balm"

curename.reconstructive = "Reconstructive balm"

curename.renewal = "Renewal balm"

curename.sensory = "Sensory balm"

curename.antigen = "Tonic of antigen"

curename.endothermia = "Tonic of endothermia"

curename.haste = "Tonic of haste"

curename.hovering = "Tonic of hovering"

curename.mentality = "Tonic of mentality"

curename.toxin = "Tonic of toxin"

curename.vitality = "Tonic of vitality"

curetype = {}

curetype.antimony = "Alchemical cure: eaten"

curetype.argentum = "Alchemical cure: eaten"

curetype.arsenic = "Alchemical defence: eaten"

curetype.aurum = "Alchemical cure: eaten"

curetype.azurite = "Alchemical cure: eaten"

curetype.bisemutum = "Alchemical defence: eaten"

curetype.calamine = "Alchemical defence: eaten"

curetype.calcite = "Alchemical defence: eaten"

curetype.cinnabar = "Alchemical cure: smoked"

curetype.cuprum = "Alchemical cure: eaten"

curetype.dolomite = "Alchemical cure: eaten"

curetype.ferrum = "Alchemical cure: eaten"

curetype.gypsum = "Alchemical defence: eaten"

curetype.magnesium = "Alchemical cure: eaten"

curetype.malachite = "Alchemical cure: smoked"

curetype.plumbum = "Alchemical cure: eaten"

curetype.potash = "Alchemical cure: eaten"

curetype.quartz = "Alchemical defence: eaten"

curetype.quicksilver = "Alchemical defence: applied"

curetype.realgar = "Alchemical cure: smoked"

curetype.stannum = "Alchemical cure: eaten"

curetype.density = "Alchemical defence: applied"

curetype.exothermic = "Alchemical cure and defence: applied"

curetype.reconstructive = "Alchemical cure: applied"

curetype.renewal = "Alchemical cure: applied"

curetype.sensory = "Alchemical cure: applied"

curetype.antigen = "Alchemical cure: applied"

curetype.endothermia = "Alchemical defence: applied"

curetype.haste = "Alchemical defence: sipped"

curetype.hovering = "Alchemical defence: sipped"

curetype.mentality = "Alchemical cure: sipped"

curetype.toxin = "Alchemical defence: sipped"

curetype.vitality = "Alchemical cure: sipped"

curedesc = {}

curedesc.antimony = "Reduces the fluid level in your body when artificially raised."

curedesc.argentum = "Cure relating mainly to various types of phobias or pathos."

curedesc.arsenic = "Gives blindness."

curedesc.aurum = "Cure for weakened muscles or lower general fitness."

curedesc.azurite = "Gives deathsight."

curedesc.bisemutum = "Increases your learning lesson speed."

curedesc.calamine = "Gives deafness."

curedesc.calcite = "Gives water breathing."

curedesc.cinnabar = "Cures a variety of curses and afflictions."

curedesc.cuprum = "Cures unnatural tendencies to be excessively altruistic."

curedesc.dolomite = "Gives third eye."

curedesc.ferrum = "Cure for impurities of the blood or diseases of the skin."

curedesc.gypsum = "Gives you insomnia, which prevents you being put to sleep."

curedesc.magnesium = "Cures paralysis and slickness."

curedesc.malachite = "Anti-weapon field that lasts until taken down by others or you act aggressively. Causes weapons attacks to rebound."

curedesc.plumbum = "Cure for body or mind in disharmony."

curedesc.potash = "Heals some health and mana."

curedesc.quartz = "Allows you to awaken from sleep immediately, at will."

curedesc.quicksilver = "Defends against Serpent class fang attacks."

curedesc.realgar = "Cures the dishonour and slickness afflictions."

curedesc.stannum = "When eaten, cures various afflictions relating to your sanity."

curedesc.density = "Prevents various forms of moving you against your will."

curedesc.exothermic = "Cure for cold-based afflictions and defence for some cold attacks."

curedesc.reconstructive = "Heals damage done to body parts."

curedesc.renewal = "Cures broken or shrivelled limbs as well as some other things."

curedesc.sensory = "Cure associated with outer organs, like the eyes and ears."

curedesc.antigen = "Cures the deadly voyria venom."

curedesc.endothermia = "Increases your resistance to fire-based damage."

curedesc.haste = "Increases your ability to dodge some physical attacks."

curedesc.hovering = "Will make you levitate above the ground."

curedesc.mentality = "Replenishes some of your mana."

curedesc.toxin = "Resistance to damage from some poisons."

curedesc.vitality = "Replenishes some of your health."

cureaffs = {}

cureaffs.antimony = "Raised humours"

cureaffs.argentum = "Agoraphobia\nClaustrophobia\nLoneliness\nMasochism\nRecklessness\nVertigo"

cureaffs.arsenic = "None"

cureaffs.aurum = "Asthma\nClumsiness\nHealth leech\nHypochondria\nSensitivity\nWeariness"

cureaffs.azurite = "None"

cureaffs.bisemutum = "None"

cureaffs.calamine = "None"

cureaffs.calcite = "None"

cureaffs.cinnabar = "Aeon\nDeadening\nHellsight"

cureaffs.cuprum = "Generosity\nJustice\nLover's effect\nPacifism\nPeace"

cureaffs.dolomite = "None"

cureaffs.ferrum = "Addiction\nDarkshade\nHaemophilia\nLethargy\nNausea\nScytherus"

cureaffs.gypsum = "None"

cureaffs.magnesium = "Paralysis\nSlickness"

cureaffs.malachite = "None"

cureaffs.plumbum = "Dissonance\nDizziness\nEpilepsy\nImpatience\nShyness\nStupidity"

cureaffs.potash = "None"

cureaffs.quartz = "None"

cureaffs.quicksilver = "None"

cureaffs.realgar = "Disfigurement\nMana leech\nSlickness"

cureaffs.stannum = "Confusion\nDementia\nHallucinations\nHypersomnia\nParanoia"

cureaffs.density = "None"

cureaffs.exothermic = "Freezing"

cureaffs.reconstructive = "Concussion\nDamaged limb\nInternal Trauma\nMangled limb"

cureaffs.renewal = "Ablaze\nCrippled limb"

cureaffs.sensory = "Anorexia\nBlindness\nDeafness\nStuttering"

cureaffs.antigen = "Voyria"

cureaffs.endothermia = "None"

cureaffs.haste = "None"

cureaffs.hovering = "None"

cureaffs.mentality = "None"

cureaffs.toxin = "None"

cureaffs.vitality = "None"

curealts = {}

curealts.antimony = "Concoctions equivalent: ginger root"

curealts.argentum = "Concoctions equivalent: lobelia"

curealts.arsenic = "Concoctions equivalent: bayberry"

curealts.aurum = "Concoctions equivalent: kelp"

curealts.azurite = "Concoctions equivalent: skullcap (eaten)"

curealts.bisemutum = "Concoctions equivalent: myrrh"

curealts.calamine = "Concoctions equivalent: hawthorn"

cureaffs.calcite = "Concoctions equivalent: pear"

curealts.cinnabar = "Concoctions equivalent: prickly elm"

curealts.cuprum = "Concoctions equivalent: Bellwort"

curealts.dolomite = "Concoctions equivalent: echinacea"

curealts.ferrum = "Concoctions equivalent: ginseng"

curealts.gypsum = "Concoctions equivalent: cohosh"

curealts.magnesium = "Concoctions equivalent: bloodroot"

curealts.malachite = "Concoctions equivalent: skullcap (smoked)"

curealts.plumbum = "Concoctions equivalent: "

curealts.potash = "Concoctions equivalent: iridescent moss"

curealts.quartz = "Concoctions equivalent: kola"

curealts.quicksilver = "Concoctions equivalent: sileris"

curealts.realgar = "Concoctions equivalent: valeriam"

curealts.stannum = "Concoctions equivalent:"

curealts.density = "Concoctions equivalent: mass"

curealts.exothermic = "Concoctions equivalent: caloric"

curealts.reconstructive = "Concoctions equivalent: restoration"

curealts.renewal = "Concoctions equivalent: mending"

curealts.sensory = "Concoctions equivalent: epidermal"

curealts.antigen = "Concoctions equivalent: immunity"

curealts.endothermia = "Concoctions equivalent: frost"

curealts.haste = "Concoctions equivalent: speed"

curealts.hovering = "Concoctions equivalent: levitation"

curealts.mentality = "Concoctions equivalent: mana"

curealts.toxin = "Concoctions equivalent: venom"

curealts.vitality = "Concoctions equivalent: health"


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    Isn't this covered in HELP CURELIST?

    E: Also meant to say this could be useful for finding effects of specific minerals/herbs.
    ~Kresslack's obsession~
  • Addama said:
    Isn't this covered in HELP CURELIST?

    E: Also meant to say this could be useful for finding effects of specific minerals/herbs.
    It is, yes - but I find this easier to look at quickly (and I can never remember whether I want CURELIST, HEALINGYOURSELF or CURES... and I think there might be another similar one).  I made it for my own benefit, and thought I'd share it in case anyone else has the same issues with reading comprehension as I do.
  • In terms of the code itself, it might be better to store each individual cure as a table/dictionary (inside a list), that way all of the information for a single cure is together. Something like this:
    alchemicalcures = {}
    alchemicalcures.antimony = {
    name = "Antimony flake",
    type = "Alchemical cure: eaten",
    desc = "Reduces the fluid level in your body when artificially raised.",
    affs = "Raised humours",
    alt = "Concoctions equivalent: ginger root"

    Then in your alias, you'd do:

    local cure = alchemicalcures[matches[2]]

    Seems like a pretty useful script, though, if you're used to using alchemical cures. I've considered sorting something out that does the opposite, since I'm used to the concoctions curatives and can never remember the alchemy equivalents.
  • KlendathuKlendathu Eye of the Storm
    Thank you for the effort you've put in, and for sharing

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  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    Adet said:
    Addama said:
    Isn't this covered in HELP CURELIST?

    E: Also meant to say this could be useful for finding effects of specific minerals/herbs.
    It is, yes - but I find this easier to look at quickly (and I can never remember whether I want CURELIST, HEALINGYOURSELF or CURES... and I think there might be another similar one).  I made it for my own benefit, and thought I'd share it in case anyone else has the same issues with reading comprehension as I do.
    I'll likely be using this to familiarize myself with Alchemy based curatives, as I've got Concoctions ingrained into my memory. Thank you for sharing.

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    You should compile your information into an easily readable, but compact text format, and e-mail it to @Tecton!  You very well might see it (or a form of it) added to the help system.  I know that I would personally use it =).
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