Unclassed Class



  • Antreus said:

    Mizik said:
    Combat, no shot.

    Bashing, absolutely. As a Blademaster, even after adjustments, I'm much better off jabbing with a dagger than using drawslash to hunt. You can also wear better armour and wield a shield.
    How is it you find using an obsidian dagger to field you more damage than your blademaster ability which from what I am aware is decent damage for PvE? What is your level of experience and fielded traits presently?

    Daimyo Mizik Corten, Herald of Ruin (male Rajamala Enforcer)
    You are level 102 (4th Heir to Ashaxei's Legacy) and 36% of the way to the next level.
    Health:       5258 / 5258     Mana:         3641 / 4437
    Endurance:   25390 /25390     Willpower:   19270 /19270
    Strength: 12  Dexterity: 12  Constitution: 15  Intelligence: 11

    Racial:   Feral Spirit
    Level 20: Nimble                   
    Level 30: Master angler            
    Level 40: Master contemplator      
    Level 50: Expert Diagnoser         
    Level 60: Meticulous Care          
    Level 70: Marksman                 
    Level 80: Sawbones                 
    Level 90: Blissful ignorance       
    Key: Major Trait  Minor Trait

    As a Blademaster, there's no reason for me to ever use Drawslash in Mir.
  • Alchemist has decent bashing speed, but they also get extra sip amount and extra crit chance with their class skills.  I mean, that doesn't necessarily translate to Numb/Transmute level tanking, but needless to say it's pretty neat.
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  • The combat skills for unclassed would be Tattoos, Riding, and Weaponry. 
    So I dunno. Shatter, shatter, web, trample, behead. Good luck with all that.
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