I can draw avatars!


So I couldn't find a "Say Hi New Players" thread, or what have you. So... hi!

On that note, if anyone wants an avatar drawn (similar in style to mine.. or cartoony), give me a shout. They're nice and small and good practice.


  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WA
    I would love one. How much?
    Aurora says, "Are you drunk, Aodfionn?"
  • Will totally swap you a lineart for an avatar sometime, if you'd like!
  • Aodfionn said:
    I would love one. How much?
    Oh, free! Just tell me what you want.
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    Anedhel said:
    Will totally swap you a lineart for an avatar sometime, if you'd like!
    I'd tell you, you don't have to, but I'd love some lineart :smiley: 
  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WA
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    This guy. But not as evil looking.

    Alternately, Pete Carroll's smiling face.
    Aurora says, "Are you drunk, Aodfionn?"
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    Well, since you are offering and all... 
    Below is the description of my character. Whatever you can do from it would be infinitely loved and appreciated!

    She is a beautiful siren of the northern wilds. Small and child-like in complexion, her features are nonetheless severe and remiss to laughter. Upon her dusky face, strips of cloth crisscross over where her  right eye would be, the thin black fabric hiding what's beneath while simultaneously accentuating the other's deep amber hue. Innumerable long, wet locks of snowy hair amply frame the perpetual sleepy expression, some sticking to her face and throat as they fall about her person. Below, two badly healed fang marks are visible as they sit on her neck, while a number of white scales faintly dot the corner of her thin, uncolored lips. Her cheek bears a burn scar in the shape of what seems to be an escarbuncle within a border. 

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    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • HalosHalos The Reaches
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    Tibitha said:
    Aodfionn said:
    I would love one. How much?
    Oh, free! Just tell me what you want.
    Omg yes plz. Put me down for one. My description below! 

    He is a human and is a slim five and a half feet tall. Hawk-nosed and broad-faced, his coal-black eyes are heavy-lidded and careworn behind round spectacles. He has a vaguely owlish cast about his olive-skinned form and his bearing is somewhat stooped. Unsightly stubble attends head and brow, giving him a rough, untidy look. He is wearing a pair of glasses, a bracelet of acacia wood prayer beads, a wyrm hide baldric, a silver-trimmed beltloop, a trader's satchel, a pair of Landstrider's boots, an angelic amulet of warding, a threadbare muslin veil, a grey clerical stole, an embroidered golden pouch of the dawn, austere grey robes, a tattered tunic of dun sackcloth, and a linen coif cap.

    (Picture an even less sexy male version of whoopi goldberg from sister act and you're in the ballpark)

    ETA: so that is how spoilers work

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  • HalosHalos The Reaches
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    holy fuck

    did you do all that in 2 hours

    edit: me next right

    A frenzied cleric screams, "Like more than one halo!"
  • Haha Shirszae first, then you. Will do them tomorrow, it's bloody late here!
  • NankaarNankaar San Jose, Costa Rica
    Wow! First of all, welcome! And thanks for the offer, I've been dying to get illustration for my character  :D I'll appreciate anything you can do!

    He is a human. His eyes are deep black, below a pair of thick eyebrows, and two ample and full cheeks suggest a habit of enjoying a good meal. He has a large and pointy nose and a small mouth with laugh lines on the sides. He is 6 feet tall, bulky and chubby, with shoulder length black, curly hair and a large torso. His arms and legs are short, his elbows small and his knees too big. His beard is long and black, curly as well, although not as long as his hair. His hands are well cared for, with long fingers, his nails perfectly trimmed and clean. He is wearing a black belt decorated with lotus blossoms, a shining silver scabbard, white trousers decorated with lotus blossoms, a bone ring with a magic rune, an embossed suede backpack, pearl-adorned sea foam silk slippers, a white shirt decorated with lotus blossoms, and a suit of ring mail.

  • NimNim
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    If you wanna draw a Nim, you'll be reimbursed for it whether you like it or not, but she's this petite green haired girl who's basically a touhou, with a sort of islander tan, and green eyes that are usually blind so they might have a sort of glazed aspect to them or something. Her hair's probably shoulder length by now, and a hair pin might courageously keep her hair out of her eyes.

    Normally wears buttoned up dress shirts, usually white. Also she wears an earring of mischief which has the below description:
    [spoilers]Dangling from a silver chain, cunningly rendered in some ethereal silver is a delicate hand clasped tightly around the stems of two feathers, one white and one black.[/spoilers]

    If you want to include her iconic blade, Lifeless Sun, it has a pale blade with a triple groove and a soft fiery glow, a double diamond indigo handle, and an iron pyramidal pommel.

    Realistic might be cool but cartoonish might work too. I kind of envision her as slightly more cartoonish, given her inhuman monkish abilities and all that. Like she can use pressure points to cure being on fire okay.
  • I'll take one when you have time. No hurry. Love the one you did of Aodfionn.
  • Oh, hey! 

    I wouldn't mind one too, pretty please. :D
  • CylaCyla Yggdrasil
    Yes please, and thank you!

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    (Party): Marcalo says, "When you attempt this lock."

    (Party): Marcalo says, "So as to make it roughsex."

  • Yes please, just let me know!

  • DaslinDaslin The place with the oxygen
    I'd like to jump on the train, but I feel like I'll miss, and get rek't by said train. So I'll just wait patiently for it to arrive at the station in a safe, simple manner. (I want one, when you're able. No rush. :D Just shoot me a message!)
  • Umm... um... could I get one, pretty please?

    She is a beautiful siren. Short, standing about only five feet, she does her best not to draw attention to herself. Her silver-grey hair falls in such a way as to obscure the left half of her face with the back moving down in gentle waves to the bottom of her neck. What is visible of her pale white face is delicate, with a gently curving eyebrow over a red eye, the crimson sclera surrounding a silver iris, A small nose, dotted with freckles, and soft, pink heart shaped lips complete her visage. Boasting a fragile frame, her slim body has just enough swell in the right spots to be assuredly feminine. The back of her right hand has several small burns in the shape of a leaf. Each burn is black as though they are more than skin deep. Small, faint scars crisscross most of her pale, porcelain body, with a single long one running just under her right eye.

    Sorry, I do not know how to do the hidey thing people were doing.

  • RuthRuth Singapore
    An avatar would be nice, when you can get it drawn! No rush at all.

    She is a tiger-like rajamala. Possessing a lean, well-proportioned frame, she stands at an unassuming height of six feet. She is covered in gray fur from head to toe, the dull color slightly relieved by bands of white upon her restless tail. She balances herself upon the balls of her feet and moves with a fluid, feline grace. A sharp pair of amethyst eyes are her most significant features, which stares thoughtfully at her surroundings. She bears several scars upon the back, where fur has failed to hide it from casual view: a shade darker than the surrounding flesh, these scars alternate in length and depth. Originating from the back of her neck, they extend all the way downwards, cutting close to the spine before branching out into superficial marks laterally. Affixed upon her right arm is a length of chain with vicious hooks. Every twitch of the appendage ensures the hooks gouge deeper into the flesh. A neat and even bow has been tied around her fluffy tail, the edges of the pristine ribbon trailing on the ground when it is at rest.
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  • KenwayKenway San Francisco
    Omg me too please when you have some time! I'm sending you some credits even if you don't want any though 'cause these are awesome!

    - Limb Counter - Fracture Relapsing -
    "Honestly, I just love that it counts limbs." - Mizik Corten
  • CaoimhaenCaoimhaen Targossas
    edited September 2014
    Oooh! Can you do one for me?You are amazing! I will see if I cant scrounge up some credits too!

    Send you my description later if so. :)

  • I certainly want one!

    Here is my description:
    She is a human with a thin, lithe build and a snow-white skin. She stands around five feet and five inches tall, and moves with a cautious sense of grace, carefully poised movements emphasising her subtle curves. Long, stringy black hair falls over her pale shoulders in thin braids, a few locks fixed into loose loops at the back of her head. You see that her slanted eyes has disturbingly been replaced by shining polished obsidian stones, devoid of emotion, as thin scarlet lips cut across her gaunt, heart-shaped face, forming an unwholesome expression. Tainted black veins pulse under her skin, the malignant lines weaving over the exposed skin above her breasts, travelling along the sides of her face, before vanishing into her hairline. A crude escarbuncle within a border has been branded on her forehead.
    She is wearing:
    • a bronze Ring of Iniquity,
    • a silver sword hairpin with an emerald pommel,
    • a snug dress of snow white silk,
    • a delicate glass pendant of rose oil,
    • a polished ivory scabbard
  • CaoimhaenCaoimhaen Targossas
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    You are completely amazing with expressions and getting their "likeness". Seriously. Your talent is coveted by many artists. One of the absolute hardest things to do, even if you are really good is capturing who the person is through their eyes. (Used to take art classes and my teacher used to discuss capturing personality. I sucked though..so I quit art. :p)Stunning. I dont know if you guys agree..but i know the two characters she drew ICly a bit and I think she nailed it.

  • TharvisTharvis The Land of Beer and Chocolate!
    You should enter the bardics with one of those!
    Aurora says, "Tharvis, why are you always breaking things?!"
    Artemis says, "You are so high maintenance, Tharvis, gosh."
    Tecton says, "It's still your fault, Tharvis."

  • Tibitha said:

    Anedhel said:
    Will totally swap you a lineart for an avatar sometime, if you'd like!
    I'd tell you, you don't have to, but I'd love some lineart :smiley: 
    Send me a reference/description/something, and I'll hop to! Will probably be bust, but I might do full body if I'm not feeling uber lazy. Also, I've been practicing pin-up-y styles, so can do that, if you'd prefer that to a straight up portrait!
  • Given the outstanding amount of requests, I won't burden you with mine, but I want to say that you do a very, very great job. That's pro work through and through, count me as a fan :)

  • Here's mine for when you're ready for it! No rush or anything!!!

    She is a winged atavian. Standing at just a touch over five feet in height and is very curvaceous compared to most others of her race. What extra weight she carries has settled at her broad hips, generous bust, and everywhere else in a natural way. Her skin is a slight ivory, with a soft tan on her arms and face from her hours outdoors. Soft black hair falls in waves to her waist, the colour changing to a dark burgundy and ending in soft ringlets. Her emerald-green eyes glisten softly as she takes in all that is around her, complemented with soft cheeks with small dimples, light pink lips. Behind her, large wings rest against her back, nearly indistinguishable from her hair save for maroon spots akin to blood splatter over her ebony feathers. Should one's gaze slip to her right hand, the shape of a rose branded on the back of her hand between her thumb and forefinger.


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