Favorite Achaean possession



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    I have two. The first is the order item I got when joining Keresis' order - it has some importance to Antidas, but far more to me personally.

    a twisted platinum torque

    Raw platinum has been manipulated and twisted into a half-circle chiselled with the image of a colossal python with two heads. At each tip of the torque the serpentine heads rear as if they are striking a target, their maws gaping open and revealing tiny razor-sharp fangs. Suspended between the serpents is an amethyst flame which oscillates hypnotically. The wavering flame nearly touches the throat of its owner, but it does not emit heat. Instead, it casts a radiant violet hue over the flesh and is reflected in the eyes of all those who follow Vengeance.

    It weighs about 1 pounds and 0 ounce(s).

    It bears the distinctive mark of Antidas.

    It will reset to you.

    You are now wearing a twisted platinum torque.

    An icy shiver races down your spine as you clasp a twisted platinum torque upon your neck. As the platinum settles against your flesh, a flame sparks to life between the two serpentine heads and begins to glow in memory of the Lady Keresis.

    You remove a twisted platinum torque.

    A gust of icy wind circulates around you as the flame burning in the centre of a twisted platinum torque is abruptly extinguished.

    The second is my bow, written for me by @Jurixe upon request, so major props to her for the writing :)

    an ephemeral bow of shadow in your hands

    Wisps of shadow shift on the ground, trapped in the outline of a sleek bow.

    Smoke and shadow interweave in a sinister union, forced by some powerful enchantment to form and maintain the outline of a sleek assassin's bow. Everything about the ethereal weapon speaks of intangibility and illusion, as though the shadows that shift and coil all through the bow might fall apart and dissipate once more into the darkness at any moment. Trapped within the rigid dimensions of the bow, the ghostly wisps seem to have a consciousness of their own, periodically forming curious shapes within the body as they twist and churn angrily in a seething, roiling, black mass. Though most of the forms appear indistinct, one particular manifestation appears the most frequently: easily identifiable as that of a sinuous death adder, it coils vengefully around the main body of the bow in true serpentine fashion before melting once more into indistinct black vapor.

    You start to wield an ephemeral bow of shadow in your hands.

    Tendrils of dark shadow streak towards you from all corners as you hold your hand out, twisting and weaving rapidly until a sleek bow of pure shadow forms in your grip.

    You cease to wield an ephemeral bow of shadow.

    You releases your grip upon your bow and let it fall, the ephemeral weapon dissipating into a plume of smoke and shadow as it hits the ground.

  • Datrius said:
    The hell man, I can't have a bowstring of lightning but you can have a pair of wings made of souls. :(
    I made them when I was a ritualist in the Apostates, working on daemonic summoning and stuffs.

    If I can make daemons appear from the infernal plane, I'm pretty sure I can trap some souls bro.
  • KlendathuKlendathu Eye of the Storm
    Antidas said:

    a twisted platinum torque
    I've got one of those too, and a couple of keys from Keresis' temple :cry:

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  • Wait, why did it change?
  • Talysin said:
    Wait, why did it change?
    She went Apostate so the last lingering connection to her angel abandoned her.
  • Tillie said:
    I really love all the pieces I found for Tillie to wear, and the descriptions people wrote up - but come to think of it, she doesn't have any really momento-esque possessions (Lost Salvation certainly would've been, but ...*weep*)

    ...Now I want to make well-worn dance shoes or something. 
    Done (Props to @Kotaru for actually stitching 'em up for me):

    well-worn pointe shoes of pale rose

    A pair of pink pointe shoes lies here, their sheen faded from many a dance.

    Petal-pink satin expertly sculpted around these traditional ballet shoes has long lost its 
    lustre, dulled from assiduous use. The stiff, flattened toe box fitted to support the 
    wearer's pointe work peeps through the fabric via small holes in the stitching, 
    underscored by charcoal scuff marks slashed haphazardly across each shoe. Worn paper thin, 
    soles of faded brown leather cling desperately to the pleated satin around the bottom half 
    of each shoe. Imprinted along each insole is a deep, dark footprint, unsightly remnants 
    echoing the monumental strain this footwear has experienced. Two distressed pink ribbons 
    are attached to each shoe, crisscrossing securely around the wearer's ankles.
  • Appearance: a tacky quarterstaff covered in green glitter

    Dropped: A sparkling mess of splinters and glue lies here resembling a quarterstaff.

    Description: Sparkling brilliantly in any amount of light, this gaudy quarterstaff is coated in green glitter. About six feet in length, its long shaft has been constructed from a combination of splinters, sticks, twine, and copious amounts of glue. Two handles constructed from tattered leather have been attached to allow for comfortable handling when wielded. Small specks of cigar burns and ash are visible throughout its length, conferring an odour of pungent tobacco. Its craftsmanship is shoddy at best, obviously assembled in a hurry.

    It weighs about 5 pounds.

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    Probably my ring from being Knighted in the Paladins guild and my falcon that Pentharian gave me after a fight protecting a shrine after I lost my original. (Just a plain one but sentimental about it thankful I got to collar it now). Oh and my letter kit for being historian in the Templars forever and a day.
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    (Party) Draekar says, "You know here we have disbar."
    (Party) Draekar says, "And over there we have datbar."
  • JeslynJeslyn United States
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    It was probably my amulet and ring given to me by the deacon when I was a younger, unwearied devotionist. I returned it after a bit of a falling out. :'(
  • Mine would be Tael's nondecay ring from the Vertani event, the Naga wrist sheath that I'm very, very glad I made nondecay before they ceased to exist, and the silver mask he's worn for I don't even know how many years.

    If you count it as a sort of metaphorical "possession", Tael's fluency in Vertani is also, to me, a really neat thing.

    Any other stuff I could live with losing, but those four things would be really rough.
  • You all should share the descrips! That is half the fun.
  • It's not customized, but I've had this blademaster sword on Kog since he was 18. Love the name, and the description, and even though I changed class I couldn't bring myself to trade in the band on it so I'll have the thing forever.

    Phantom Victory:
    Forged from a blued alloy of the finest steel and lead, this blade exhibits a sharp curve along its 
    length, accentuated by a double groove carved into the metal. The narrow tang is encased by a grip 
    of scarlet leather in an intricate twisting pattern. Rounding off the grip is a pyramidal pommel 
    fashioned from silver, affording perfect balance to this masterfully crafted weapon.
    At the base of the blade is a thin band of unknown metal that suffuses the sword with a soft fiery 
  • a red ring of House Cupwr: This relatively simple ring is a band of the alloy favoured by the Vertani. Not quite a band, it instead circles a finger and twists as it goes. Etched into the surface is the marking of House Cupwr of the Vertani Empire.

    a stygian wrist sheath: Fashioned of exceedingly supple yet resilient kidskin, the straps of this sheath perfectly accommodate any wrist. It fits snugly to the forearm without hindering the wearer's movement in any way. The construction of the sheath allows for the dirk stored within to be drawn with a mere flick of the wrist. Dyed the colour of stygian night and delicately tooled with stylized death adders, this item completes any Naga's attire.

    an asymmetrical mask of unpolished silver: The thin silver of this fitted mask has been left unpolished and shows significant tarnishing. Covering the left eye, the mask narrows as it sweeps down across the nose, widening again to cover the right half of the mouth and face and terminating just as it reaches the jaw. The surface of the mask is smooth, broken only by a simplified facsimile of a human eye and half a pair of expressionless lips.
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    For me, it's the Orb of Invigoration. It restores health, mana, hunger, tiredness, will and endurance fully to everybody in the room, once per hour. Had it since Silvy was tiny, and I am still not totally sure how I beat Penwize for it, but it's the thing I use most often, and to the most impact. It's my signature item, and of most use in my bag of tricks to help people with. I have to confess if it wasn't for that item, I probably would have quit permanently.
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