Achaea Namechecked in Vice Article about MUDsex



  • Xith said:
    Lisbethae said:
    I often check on the city novices when I'm in realms in times when Guides aren't up and Houses are well populated. I used to be, but am not so much now, surprised at the girls who were in one house after another. One girl was in realms for 6 hours and had 8 partners, in their own subdivision houses.

    What I find interesting is that most of these girls aren't girls in real life. Guess they know it is the easiest way to get some sexual descriptive stuff going is to be a girl.

    6 hours is painful for a guy...

    ... I've heard. <_<
    It is. And exhausting. Afterglow nap? Call that the sleeping beauty afterglow, right?

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