Rapier - artefact or forged



  • Mizik said:
    I'd be down to give them tentacles. They have vertigo song and balance less force. 

    I got a coupla 213's for ya mate - free. Special Mhaldor serenade price
    "Don't expect anything of yourself, and do what you know" - Legate Medi
  • Update after weapon standardization?

  • Drot said:

    Update after weapon standardization?

    After weapon standardization, every weapon class benefits immensely from artefact weapons.
  • Now there's not really any question. Artefact rapiers are always better than forged rapiers in every way (except for cost).
  • Rangor said:

    Well I am Mhaldorian.
  • Better to necro a thread than to make a new one

    Replies the scorpion: "It's my nature..."
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