Why are Maklak's forces killing their own guardian?

Hi! I've noticed Maklak aligned cities are hunting Oughlor too now, why is this being allowed? I'm told we can't hunt Rakia for facets but they get to hunt Oughlor for some reason. I'm not sure where else to ask this so I'm putting this here. Anyone know anything? :neutral_face: 



  • To even the odds, apparently. Also, RP.

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    From what I understand, it's an idea Mhaldor started with the outpost, then Maklak ordered Ashtan to extend it to Oughlor. 

    Since Yudhishthira gains points every time Oughlor's killed, Maklak isn't necessarily doubling their point gaining, but we have no way of knowing what the ratio of points is in facet fusing vs boss killing. 

    There are two possibilities for the points:

    My guess is that it is 1 point for the boss kill and 1 point for facet fusing, so Maklak forces killing Oughlor might not widen their lead, but it delays us. I'm not sure if that's right. If this is the case, it isn't a huge deal because they usually kill Oughlor when we're unable to anyways.

    However, if you gain more points for fusing a facet than you get for killing the bosses, then this is increasing their point income, which is highly frustrating because it changes the event from a month long endurance event into something that can be won in a solid week, depending on the margin of point income. Which we are also unsure of!

    We have no way of viewing scores, so we can't be sure which possibility it is. We had a pretty strong lead, but I'm unsure if it's rapidly dwindling or remaining the same despite the Oughlor killing, which is driving me crazy considering how hard we've worked for 21 days straight.

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  • Yeah really frustrating to see (now they get to double dip for essence to defile with) and would love to see the RP justification for it.

  • It seems weird considering the RP, Maklak suddenly hates his own guardian now? Heh the odds were one city against the world, now it's three cities farming one guardian and three cities farming two guardians. That's not even!

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    Was a player suggestion that admin ran with.

    Not a choice by admin that players ran with.

    Get your shit straight, @Daeir

  • It's not like the two are mutually exclusive. It was a player suggestion, and admin who know what they're doing decided it was a good idea and went with it.

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    I dunno how to pull quotes from another thread but, lemme pull in the idea man himself. @Florentino get in here.

    Now please, tell me how it wasn't suggested by a player?

    Oh wait, it wasn't you, -that- is how it wasn't a good idea/player made.

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     Dude. lemme show you what you just wrote.

     "the choice was made by people who know what they're doing - don't worry!".

    compared to Makarios' post which says, "Have faith. The guys running it know what they're doing."

    The hostility is because you want to belittle and shit on volunteers so much dude. Fucking shit on the player who made the choice. Not the volunteers who do as they're asked.

    let me add in here. I'm rather intoxicated at this point on cheap shitpiss beer, so, take that as you will.
  • Ok can someone other than Daslin and Daeir answer?  I am actually interested.

  • If the world cup were being run by two opposing forces, one of which was role playing properly to do something to get his own way... then no, they probably still wouldn't.  FIFA does a pretty good job controlling it's evil underlings. 

    But for this, the roleplay is justified.  I can understand being frustrated and thinking it's a low tactic, but there is nothing in the rules of the reckoning that says they can't do that.
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    If anything it's just to make up for the offset start by Targossas holding the staff hostage and inaccessible on a ship for the start of the event.

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    I'll give the benefit of the doubt to Ada since I suppose it is a perfectly reasonable question, but can't we really move past the blaming/whinning/complaining stuff at least until the event passes in its entirety?

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  • Shirszae said:

    I'll give the benefit of the doubt to Ada since I suppose it is a perfectly reasonable question, but can't we really move past the blaming/whinning/complaining stuff at least until the event passes in its entirety?

    This is Achaea.  Of course we can't.  He who complains/whines/blames most wins!

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    sometimes bad people do bad things.


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    Daeir said:

    And all like, 6 facets that was worth.

    You're right, 6 facets isn't that much. Soooo...problem?

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    I'm holding out a minute amount of faith (at @Makarios' request) for whoever is running this event, however, logging in and seeing:

    2014/06/24 02:07:50 - Greys > Giant slain by Ashtani.

    Pretty much tipped me over from "I just barely care enough about this ridiculous event to participate occasionally" all the way to "Screw this, it's 100% idiotic".

    Targossas and Eleusis are dramatically outgunned on this fight... the fact that we were able to get ahead in this event is the result of a massive amount of dedication and work.  Seeing all of that taken away because Mhashtan essentially found a way to "cheat" is pretty stupid.

    As Greys already mentioned, it's also pretty messed up that access to pretty ridiculous essence farming locations is now dramatically imbalanced.

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    It's not over yet. I don't think they'd set it up so killing Oughlor puts Maklak significantly further ahead while making it something only Maklak's team can do. I'm guessing it's merely a stalling tactic (which happens to give them access to a second area with amazing gold, experience, and essence, so jealous!). 4-5 more days to go. The factor that has the strongest impact on whether they can come back is whether we give up or not, and I certainly don't intend to! 

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    But during peak hours, and most of the rest of the day, Mhaldor + Ashtan has dramatically more forces available than we do.  If they put forth the level of dedication that Eleusis did, per capita, we'd never be able to step foot in Tundra.  In general, Yudhi's team is winning because they're trying harder, on average.

    All I see is the event admin slanting the odds to give the losing team a fair chance, despite the fact that they were losing a perfectly fair match, that they had every opportunity to win fairly.

    @Rangor I'm not saying that blue team has more people actively participating than we do, because they don't.  What I am saying is they have more players on, more dragons, and more arties.  The reason red team is winning is because a much larger percentage of their players are participating.

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    Lucine said:

    This is Achaea.  Of course we can't.  He who complains/whines/blames most wins!

    It's his tactic.

    inb4 more flags l0l

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    Why am I not surprised to see @Shirszae showing up every time I post, insulting me.

    @Cynlael I'm glad to see that you find habitual breaking of forum rules (and adult-like behavior) amusing.

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    Responding to this is probably a bad idea, but I can't help but think that so much of this is just somewhat irrational doomsaying. There's only like, a week left. From what I've seen, Ashtan/Mhaldor aren't making a super incredibly concerted 200% more camp the guardians round the clock effort to really capitalise that much on this advantage - whether that is by choice or by numbers, doesn't really matter. I don't discount the work you guys have put in but suggest that it's possible that by this time, you've built up a large enough lead that if you continue as you are, you probably won't have a problem. I mean, if the score was that close, do you really think admin would have allowed this in the first place?

    Not to say Ashtan/Mhaldor haven't been working hard too, particularly the outpost hunters, who have been great. But I really think you're jumping the gun here in terms of saying 'it's all over', which it pretty clearly isn't.

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