Moods are going away



  • I like how this conversation about moods/poses/etc has devolved into a bunch of people trying to correct each other.  

  • JamethielJamethiel Adelaide
    edited May 2014

    For all I know when Jamethiel says:

    Hello there, Liliana!

    It could sound like:

    Zhadieski womponton, Moo!

    ...were one to be able to actually hear what Achaean sounds like thus we could all be utterly and absolutely wrong! However, if the translator from "there" to "womponton" is faithful, and I type "there" as "thre" (note the missing 'e' for those who seem to be wilfully blind), then the translator probably should do something weird. Like, "Hello thre, Liliana!" to:

    Zhadieski wompontn, Moo!

    Notice the lack of the last 'o' and I probably should correct myself!

    I go back to:

    No, the whole thing is wrong, it stinks and I don't like it!
  • WeiWei Monterey, California

    What about blind people who actually do hear the words you type? Turns out it sounds exactly like English.

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