What is the most awful username you've ever seen...?



  • Wysteria said:

    Most annoying one was Wysteriaislove, whom actually kept chasing me down with some bizarre fetish until they suicided

    Yeah, not sure if it's been mentioned, but @Jhui has some clone-stalker that pops up in Ashtan now and then; pretty sure the last incarnation was Jhiu or some such. 

    This is the downside of the industrial revolution, I guess; a lot of folks have a good deal of free time on their hands. 

    Tvistor: If that was a troll, it was masterful.
    I take my hat off to you.
  • @Jhui terrible.

    - 2014/05/13 03:37:22 - Jhui dies gasping for breath, asphyxiated by the power of Hanley Silverstorm's kai.

    SerpentKai Go!

  • WeiWei Monterey, California

    I've seen a lot of names from Magic: the Gathering, recently. Teferi and Rakdos and such.

  • I don't know if it counts as 'Awful' but 'Seywynne' makes me chuckle.

  • @Aluciana : LEGGO MY EGGO!!!!!!

  • Alaskar  :\ Not very original.

  • Hikagejuunin

    Although I liked the player when we knew each other years ago.

  • CaoimhaenCaoimhaen Targossas
    Auspiscious. He is a Mhaldorian..lol

  • We just got a guy named Beep in Cyrene! At long last, Def Comedy Jam comes to Achaea!

  • JamethielJamethiel Adelaide

    I pronounce "Inoa" eye-know-are with the emphasis on "know". I'm continuously wanting to suffix the character with "Nothin'" so it becomes I knowa nothin'.

  • Jamethiel said:

    I pronounce "Inoa" eye-know-are with the emphasis on "know". I'm continuously wanting to suffix the character with "Nothin'" so it becomes I knowa nothin'.

    Or suffix with 'Guy'.

    I know a guy...

  • Trevize? I mean, who takes a last name from a book. Sheesh.

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  • Placeholder and Placeholderii should get a chance for top prize (if there is one).

  • @Aalm: no self respecting man would dash away from his keyboard fantasising about SALAD like this.

    Back to the topic... I saw people named Crazypsycho and Kittykatz today.

  • edited May 2014

    Also Misik and Tanriz
  • AlcinaeAlcinae AFK
    edited May 2014

    Hm. There used to be a Hedge Wytch Elcinae before, when I was in the Spiritwalkers.

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
  • Icecolde (female Siren).
    She is 18 years old, having been born on the 15th of Glacian, 637 years after the fall of the
    Seleucarian Empire.
    She is unranked in Achaea.
    She is an extremely credible character.
    She is not known for acts of infamy.
    She is a Citizen in Cyrene.
    She is considered to be approximately 0% of your might.

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