Would you like to see shrine "capacity" raised?



  • KyrraKyrra Australia

    And so fitting given the current shrine war. :)

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  • Kyrra said:

    And so fitting given the current shrine war. :)

    @Kyrra : I wasn't aware of the shrine wars, actually, I just wanted to make a joke about setting Kim Jung-un on fire. :)

  • I actually like to stop people from slaving when I'm in Dun. Lots of RP encouragement there. 

  • DakotahDakotah Wales, UK

    I'm only level 65. I've been helping out with gathering Essence for the recent shrine drops and all the things I can think of big enough to sanctify with arn't enough to put a shrine to full. I have to make a few trips so raising the bar would just make it worse

  • @nemutaur has the right idea.  Fewer, larger shrines.   (Landmarks)

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    Edit: never mind, I had a joke but it sucks and I can't delete the post.

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