Helmets with cutting/blunt protection, rather than just for appearance

I think many people love helmets, myself included. There's not THAT many of them out there, either.

I am not sure why helmets do not count towards a character's total armor, though. Going into a battle without a helmet for purposes of realism seems suicidal. And if you DO have a helmet, it would make sense for the helmet to contribute towards cutting and blunt protection, like a shield does, because they fend off blows. Not really sure what else to add -- just that it makes sense for a piece of armor to contribute towards armoring.


  • The main issue is that you can't get a helmet easily - I know one denizen that sells them, and they're a house denizen. Can't forge, and just adding them to be like shields would boost a few classes into the stupidly armored territory.
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    @Nellaundra : to my knowledge, any class can wear a helmet, including those normally not allowed armor, including magi. This is similar to many classes being allowed a shield, such as Shield of Absorption. If They change that about helms, then I dunno. As for there being few of them, couldn't They just add some more?

    Also, the helmet or various types of helmets could be added to the list of Forging. Similar to many shields being forgeable for different classes.

    If everybody gets helmets, then it becomes about getting a high-quality helmet, like with other pieces of armor. I doubt it would unbalance things because everybody is getting access to them, and thus the bonus is accessible to everybody.
  • @Antonius : ah, ok. I didn't realize the plate armors had helmets included with the suit.
  • What would be nice is if we could have forge-able cosmetic helmets in one of the tradeskills, if only for the sake of having something you can interact with.

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    you can always go grab the helmet from the Chapel of all Gods, then wear it, and then touch it.
    Do it.
    No, seriously, do it.
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  • Helmets would interfere with several artefacts.  Just a thought.
  • Adding random defenses for the sake of it, "because it makes sense", is a bad idea. Do it repeatedly and you have power creep on your hands, where suddenly everyone is 50% more powerful than they were 18 months ago for no good reason, and your PVP and PVE balance has flown out the window.

    Realism is overrated. It would be realistic to have to drink periodically or suffer dehydration, and to have to boil your water or catch dysentery, or to have a weight limit on your inventory, but that would not be fun. Realism for its own sake is not a persuasive justification for anything IMO.

    It also devalues the coolness of existing helmets. Making an equipment type more widely available is not a bad thing, but it does make them a little less special. It depends whether you place a higher value on 10 people having a possession they think is super-duper special, or 5000 people having a possession they don't care about because it's default equipment.
  • @Blujixapug @Ernam : I am sorry for being unclear, I gave up on the idea once it was pointed out to me by @Antonius that most armors already have a helmet factored in, often including in the armor description.

    Sorry for being unclear!
  • Ernam said:
    Helmets would interfere with several artefacts.  Just a thought.
    I love that this comment merited a "WTF".
  • @Ernam Which artefacts do helmets as an item actually interfere with?
  • AgriasAgrias Wisconsin
    Tophat, veil/hood, goggles. Not sure but you can't wear them at the same time can you?
  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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    Artefacts don't count towards the max slot usage stuff. I have too many damn pendants, for instance.

    Edit: Might not be so for earrings of sinope, though. Not sure on that count.
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    Can't wear a hat with a circlet of will, but can't doff a circlet... can doff a hat in your inventory without it being worn though...

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  • Ernam said:
    Ernam said:
    Helmets would interfere with several artefacts.  Just a thought.
    I love that this comment merited a "WTF".
    @Ernam, meet Shirszae
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  • Melodie said:
    I have too many damn pendants, for instance.


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