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    Aalm said:
    It would be extremely interesting to me to see such a thing happen. However "I" is not the same thing as "all the players," and I won't pretend otherwise.
    I still want the Achaean language to be deleted, but @Sarapis said no :(
  • A PK Free zone with a door that closes at the single entrance? Sounds like a separate server.
    A combat server and noncombat server would split the playerbase further into smaller numbers because that's essentially creating two games in one.

    I actually understand not wanting to get involved in combat. A lot of people say there's no way to have conflict without combat, and that's simply not true. However, I also think that, for the most part... if you stay out of combat, you get left alone, so long as you're not a part of an aggressive/highly enemied faction. Does there really need to be an entire area devoted to safety? I suspect not.

  • The major point of my post was, if we DO get a big enough player base, are we going to start making cities off-plane, in the Tundra or Meropis or something? It'd be really cool to have like different 'people' so to speak fighting each other. 

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    Triton city would be bee's knees. EDIT: Triton race only, one of three triton classes only, new house format, seafaring required for all citizens, RP heavy enviorment so no alts allowed on log in. EDIT: Final destination, no items, 1 stock.

    EDIT2: Oh, instead of no alts, require that you have a registered Logosian to your email address. Sort of a novice free city.
  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
    Would move to a tritonic city so fast.

    Not sure on the rest of those rules, though.
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  • I was half-bullshitting, but if they were to do it, I'd want it to be a no BS rp zone. That's what I would really want out of it.
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