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  • Just a thought, Telepathy, just isn't words(typing), can't you also send imagines?  I mean I can see perhaps Channel Vision? Channel Sight?  Something maybe you can turn on and off as a player if it starts to ruin your immersion.  

    One of the things I enjoy about Achaea is the lack of , wtf, lol, and any other OOC public non-sense, there are many OOC clans you can join if you want to chat this way. 

    And if you REALLY need to express yourself with a :), can't you type out quick, "...that makes me really happy..." or "I am smiling on the inside..."   not really sure why the sudden change of heart...or rather <3

  • Why do we want to convey emotion on public channels anyway?

    I personally don't mind it but what would it really add that the game just is better off having?

    Just don't see a real need for this. Go RP in person or invite to a private party and you can ":D" all you like.

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  • Just have emoticons placed at the end of the channel chat translate into an emotional inflection in their 'telepathic voice'.

    ct Good news everyone! :)

    (Targossas) Synbios happily says, "Good news, everyone!"
    (Targossas) Siduri unhappily says, "I don't like the sound of this."

    ct You'll be making a maritime delivery of baby seals to Clockwork Isle.
    (Targossas) Synbios says, "You'll be making a delivery to Clockwork Isle..."
    (Targossas) Tesha laughingly says, "Here it comes!"

    ct Past the Sea of Endless Chops! :)
    (Targossas) Synbios happily says, "Past the Sea of Endless Chops!"

    From beyond the oceans, an anguished voice proclaims, "...Noooo!...Not the chops!..."

  • How Cyrenian.

  • That's it! I'm challenging you to a diplomatic duel on the Holy Battlefields of Understanding.

  • Under-what? Never heard of them.

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