How fast do you type?



  • @Strata and anyone else,

      I actually converted my MPD 18 for midi commands, Works great, Has 3 settings, A, B, C.

      I also use it for a 16 point compass while sailing.  SO NICE.  

      My piano was a bit big to use for Achaea, as I have a regular size, 88 key piano, with weighted keys, it worked but I think I got lost in all the capabilities of having 88 macros plus foot pedal (Oh which I still use for Achaea, SO COOL)

      Oh and the other thing I have incorporated is Dragon Naturally Speaking, it's no good for combat, but for talking and chatting, I can out type you all. Something to look into as we age.  Works great with Achaea,..voice recognition has come a long way.

      Well anyway, sorry about the HUGE photo, too sleeply to resize it, night all.

  • ZiiZii
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    Won't post, it was 77 with 3 errors
    *Animated Signature*

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    So, I was thinking about doing another run at this, but I broke my keyboard. I forget how it happened, but my keyboard fell off my desk and I had to grab it by the cord as it fell. It scraped the little peg that holds the keyboard into a slanted position off, so now much keyboard is lopsided.

    RIP keyboard.

    And it'll probably take me weeks to get used to a new one.

    Edit: Ok, one try with broke keyboard:


    One error. Wtf bouncing keyboard :(


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