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  • If it makes you feel better I had to rewrite it like 6 times. I'm jonesing for nicotine pretty hardcore right now so the first version read like old school Miagorme trash talk and would have gotten me banned if anyone could have read/understood it. Deep breathing exercises bring clarity and a bit more empathy for all parties.
  • Haha, this thread.
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    Haters gonna hate.

    @Bluef Your character stirs the pot oftentimes so yeah, she's everyone's enemy, but don't think that Achaea doesn't thank you for giving everyone a character they can wail on. You bring everyone together in mutual dislike, sometimes so much so that they forget to hate on Xith. Thanks for bringing your own depth to the game world. You'd be missed more than you think.

    EDIT: Enjoy the break. See you in 2 weeks.
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    Tahquil said:
    I tend to get hung up on small details, people who have Rp'd with my will be painfully aware but this has been on my mind since I read this and I need clarity.... Did the state police make characters to log into Achaea to have the few minute rp conversation with the person?
    The major detail here is that it's (ie should be) a Federal case not state/local. But not that I care about the details.

    Anyway, anyone that knows me, knows I echo some of what has been said. I don't trust people here with PII, and it really shocks me people that do.
  • @Xith nonsense, there is plenty of hate to go around.

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  • What's PII?
  • Hayte said:
    I feed out PII like tiny pieces of candy to keep @Kinilan on the trail.
    One day I'm hoping for
    Because it's just sooooo hard to convince me to take strange pills

    But seriously, what Tahquil said.
  • What a dumb thread.

    Also, how did Santar's post not get more lols? That shit was gold, you fucking cretins.

  • Jacen said:
    You know, it might be actions like flagging a post as Abuse where I simply explained what an acronym stood for that lend credence to the drama thing.
    There is another one for ya buddy, because I lubz you!

  • If Regina George hadn't been hit by that bus, she'd have grown up to be Hayte.  That is some slick blamin'.  Mainly because it's true.  Of course it's a bit of a ploy to garner sympathy.  What else is a character that apparently doesn't have a cult following to do on a crazy gamer forum?  Also ignores very serious allegations, that, if true, trump any minor emotional heartstring tugging.    
  • By the way, I'd much rather hear about things like this, than, you know, not hear about them - it's good for gauging the overall level of batshit one might expect to encounter.  Awfully scary if it happens to YOU, no matter what, but at least this level of scary does seem to be rare enough.  
  • Xith said:
    I'm baffled by the sudden resurgence in use of the Abuse flag.
    Does this help?

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    Eiredhel said:
    What the hell is wrong with some of you people, I don't find anything about this situation amusing, at all. I don't even know what I was expecting from some of you guys, but clearly I gave some of you way too much credit. 
    What's wrong with some of them? They clearly define their self worth based on the opinions of of others. So hating on @Bluef makes them feel better about themselves and their lack of anything meaningful or good happening in their own life. Which probably is their fault but they refuse to admit it and instead blame other people or things or even the place they live in. Most people have this problem though and direct their anger or frustration over the internet because they feel like it's anonymous and as long as they are with people who they consider to be "friends" the feel fine about it. Even if those "friends" are just other people over the internet who wouldn't recognize or even have anything meaningful to say to them in a face to face setting that doesn't involve the one mutual place for them to talk anonymously where they are most comfortable.

    I would like to add that, because of the forum dynamic. In a face to face setting they might talk about beards.

    Edit again to add:
  • Silas said:
    High school psychoanalysis aside, I think people's problems with this thread stem from the tone in which Bluef presents her problems. She could have very easily issued herself, or emailed Sarapis or Tecton, and had this handled by the admins to the limits of their capability. Instead, here she is posting a bunch of guff about how she fears for her safety because a couple of nerds on a text game are talking shit about her on Skype.

    I saw the conversation where people were saying they want to punch her in the face irl, and it was fucking retarded. I am highly sceptical, however, about any of that actually coming to pass. If Decan or whoever is actually stalking her irl, then he's a nutcase and it's good that she got the police involved. However, there are countless ways to avoid interaction with those people on Achaea including the aforementioned ignore function and emailing the game admins if people try to bypass it. 

    The internet is really no different to real life. Anonymity can certainly bring out the worst in people, but other people can only have an effect on you if you let them. I'm sure that if there are people harassing Bluef, this forum thread is exactly what they would've wanted, since it gives them attention. But this is the drama that Bluef thrives upon. She loves the attention just as much as Decan and whoever else. It's dumb.
    I don't know what you read, perhaps your inability to understand a situation has rendered you incapable. I don't know, I am not your high school psychoanalyst. Either way, the responses present only prove her point. Amunet left with a very similar posting about how she wasted her life playing Achaea and how she regretted it. She got nothing but good-byes as she should have. Yet because of people like you she just gets accused of being a drama queen because she wants to say good-bye to the people who actually play the game with her. Not good-bye to the sorry few who who add their opinion to a matter which doesn't concern them in the least or even mention or ask for whatever warped view you have on life.

    Recently, someone made out of character threats against me, which has now escalated to cyber stalking and attempted hacking of my personal internet accounts.

    This is why she is leaving, and is what she is talking about, we can go play by play all night. Yet I feel you don't have too limited an understanding of what this would be like for a person. It is not a joke and it is not something to laugh about and just because you are too stupid to understand a situation does not mean she is trying to gain support for some fantastical agenda that you have made up in your sick demented head. Drama is the bullshit you pull off in here, adding your opinion just to cause a stir and get a reaction. If anyone here is thriving on attention it is you and the others whom take a simple good-bye and twist it into. OMG BLUEF SAYING STUFF! It's completely stupid and if you can't see that then I don't really care, yet it's entertaining to write back and talk crap.
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