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I have enjoyed playing Achaea these last 12 years as well as getting to know a handful of you out of character. My safety and livelihood has to be my priority though, and right now I feel as though my continued gameplay places both of those in jeopardy.

Recently, someone made out of character threats against me, which has now escalated to cyber stalking and attempted hacking of my personal internet accounts. When the need arose to involve the state police in this conflict, which resulted from nothing more than a two-minute roleplayed conversation in this online game, I realized I’d have to question my own sanity if I continued to play Achaea right now – regardless of how much time and money I’d invested in Bluef.

Complicating this situation is my strong belief that if my character had acted in the same fashion as this other Achaean did recently, issues would be ruled against me for speaking OOCly in the midst of RP conflict, for attacking others without a good enough reason, and for harassment. Bluef would have been shrubbed in less time than it takes Bonko to destroy a city’s guard stacks.

But then no one likes Bluef IC. So who cares, right?

I have not only made a considerable monetary investment in my character here; I have worked hard for the game itself, serving as a Guide, a mortal builder, and House leader. I have submitted more roleplay events and general game ideas than I can recall – many of which have been implemented over the years. I am an active roleplayer, who also doesn’t generally shrink away from conflict or combat.

I am someone who Achaea should want to keep playing, but this recent rash of IC and OOC incidents has made me think that I’m not the playerbase they’re hoping to retain. With that in mind, I bid you all farewell for now (how completely awesome and fitting that there is an academic paper on this very thing!).

I suppose whether or not I return depends on the successful resolution of the situation above. I may return later today. I may not be back for years. Regardless, I urge you all to consider the information you share with others here and on Facebook, Google, etc. There are people in Achaea who don’t recognize where to draw the line between the feelings that events in Achaea stir up in them and reality.

No one is going to protect you from them. You’re on your own, just as Bluef has been IC  for more time than I care to recall. Take care of yourselves.



  • cya in around two weeks

    No but seriously, you might wanna talk with the admins about this... or, if you already have and your issues are legitimate, then I guess no longer continuing existence in their poorly guarded realms WOULD be the next logical step!
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    Ah great, now I will have to be crazy by myself!


    Good bye @Bluef the Curia will survive your absense.
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    Achimrst said:
    Ah great, now I will have to be crazy by myself!

    Good bye @Bluef the Curia will survive your  existence is the world we are aware of through our senses, and that persists independently without them.
    Now I'm confused.
  • Even if I do not know you, I feel sorry for the whole situation. I do not know why you were not popular (I believe), but maybe you should question it, for personal advancement.
    It is clear that boundaries are extremely thing between RL, Achaea, Social Networks, etc… I just hope one day I will not be in your situation (I am not popular too). Good luck, and if you want to PM about your situation I am a good listener, plus I am very interested in cyberlaw for professional reasons. I hope to see you back in the game once the issue is over.
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  • Kinda smells like a lot of drama to me. Throw the offender on your IGNORE list; if they continue to harass you, then the admin will be on your side. Problem solved on the Achaea-side of things.

    Trying to call out the admin for the possibility of them not taking action on a situation they are not aware of is just... drama.

    Players of Achaea have no way to reach you OOCly if you yourself do not provide them the means.
  • @Bluef : I did not have the pleasure of meeting you for long IC. We were supposed to meet, following my posts, but RL problems fell upon me, preventing me from making the move in your direction. In all cases, no matter where you go, I wish you the best of luck.

  • Rohai said:
    ^ Kinda smells like a lot of victim blaming to me.

    @Bluef: I'm sorry you've had to deal with all of that. No one should have their personal safety jeopardized from playing a game on the internet. I hope the person who is targeting you is identified and dealt with appropriately.
    How is what I said victim blaming? I do not in the slightest believe that anyone deserves to be harassed in game, and nothing of my statement reflected such. Nothing that a person can do ICly deserves OOC harassment; at worst, it deserves an ISSUE and bringing the situation to the admin's attention, which Bluef said she hasn't done.
  • @bluef ugh. I'm sorry...I hope things get better for you and get all sorted out. I don't know why someone would do that ever. :(

  • Caoimhaen said:
    @bluef ugh. I'm sorry...I hope things get better for you and get all sorted out. I don't know why someone would do that ever. :(
    I have had stalkers before, they do it for.....many many scary and upsetting reasons.....
  • Mannimar said:
    @Jacen she's being harassed more than in game. Someone who didn't like her ICly, has let it effect them in real life and is now seeking to do physical or mental harm to her. Whether you like her or not this isn't okay. Even threats in jest are taken seriously by the admin, and if she were to speak to law enforcement, it would go much further than "stop". 

    There is a modicum of trust in our community, we share where we live, skype, even phone numbers with each other, and as far as Bluef feels this trust has been breached and she feels threatened. I'm sure the big guys are reading this and looking into it, but it's still wrong
    I don't know what the situation is, what exactly the admins are aware of, what decisions they've made and what evidence they had to make them with. Without those - and many, many more - crucial pieces of information I'm not sure what the hell people are supposed to even do with this thread.

    If its only purpose is to inform people that she won't be playing for a while then it's really simple: "I'm not going to be playing for a while."
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    You'll be missed, @Bluef.

    Meow, meow, etc. 
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    Bluef said:

    But then no one likes Bluef IC. So who cares, right?

    You are wrong about that and you know it! Anyway, I hope things do get sorted out. This sort of thing should be stomped down and quickly. RL safety and problems always have to come first. Someone taking things to that point really need to be dealt with.

    PS- If you leave, do you know how much work I will have to do as Talon for the order clan? It is mind boggling! I would have to be serious...and helpful...and it is just to much to even consider. So you are forbidden to leave.
  • @Bluef

    Just when I started to enjoy your company you go and run off :(

    I hope whoever is doing the stalking gets a nice lifetime ban from Achaea and maybe locked up behind bars

    Unless, of course, it's me. Then I hope they get a free walk @_@ J/K! Hope it gets sorted out and you're able to come back. I'll miss you.

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    Trey said:
    @Bluef, I feel like I don't need to point out how the majority of the playerbase feels about you because it's been addressed countless times. I don't know why you aren't naming and shaming though, since if your rant was any indication we know who it is, and if I had to pick who I was forced to continue to deal with, I have a feeling you'd win out over @Decan, who has a history of being an illiterate fucktard.
    Really? @Decan ..... wow, I call IG cause!!!!
  • Sorry you had to deal with this magnitude of idiocy. There are some really screwed up people in this world and unfortunately, some even wander into text games where you'd think that the sheer amount of reading comprehension should weed them out!

    Maybe the admin can get some of it sorted out and you'll be able to return. 


  • Sorry Bluef. I'll leave you alone from now on.


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    Having dealt with a serious stalker who made two of my closest friends quit Achaea from his actions (and my forcing Wyst to RP out a saga I never want to do again, but was for sake of getting information), I feel for you @Bluef. We didn't talk much when you were in Sylvans, but I always had respect for you IG. Take care of yourself and know there are a few of us here you can talk to if needed.
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  • Please point out where I said that Bluef, in any way, deserves to be stalked or harassed.
  • Jacen said:
    Please point out where I said that Bluef, in any way, deserves to be stalked or harassed.
    Idk @Jacen this just Kind of sounds like Drama to me.

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