Show off your house!



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    It's not my own home, but I did design this room for a friend of mine awhile back!

    A bright and airy foyer (indoors).
    The high walls of this large foyer culminate in vaulted ceilings of breathtaking heights. Two elegant yet simple skylights have been artfully cut into the sides of the pitched ceiling, offering the room a timeless view of the sky above. Seated in the corner is a small fountain, capped with a ball of granite, which emits a soft tinkling as water gently runs in lazy spherical rivulets to the tapered base. White marble tiles, set with an appealing swirl of grey, welcome your every step and are illuminated by the iridescent lighting that fills the room with a warm and comforting glow. Split windows on either side of the front door are framed by thick curtains and are generally left untouched until the evening creeps upon the day, and the glass panes are tinged with the slightest meld of blue and green hues. Adding an air of splendor, a circular staircase, capped with a mahogany banister, spirals upwards towards the spacious master suite above. Simple yet elegant darkwood doors, set with ebony handles, lead to the east and west of the chamber. A runic totem is planted solidly in the ground.You see exits leading east, west (open door), up (open door), and out (closed door).
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