The Good Old Days



  • Iocun said:
    I don't think the old days were more fun. I was more "in awe" back then, sure, but I'm getting a lot more RP and entertaining gameplay out of Achaea now - particularly considering how much time I used to spend with nothing but ratting!
    We uh, kinda didn't RP nearly as much back then.


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  • Oh, oh! Trip block :D

    Also, sentinel spinning. Less obnoxious, but I remember a lot of whining about that back in the day (Specially monks)

    I like this game.
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    wrong discussion.
  • FenFen Snappy Snappy, Takey Takey
    Does anyone know where I can find Xeno's story about Cain chucking his laptop out the window?
  • Anedhel said:

    Oh, also. Wasn't there some dragon monk who chucked javelins and then jpk'd you? Who was that? I don't think it worked much, but it was funny as hell.

    Haha that was one of my alts!
  • I only remember a few details, Xeno hearing angry yelling, going upstairs, a cat running past his legs, then seeing computer hardware thrown on the yard with Cain shouting about something.

    From my old logs:

    He is a radiant Immortal and is otherwise completely unremarkable.  Below middle height, bald excepting a rim of thinning grey hair, and with a tall forehead wrinkled by many years of thought and, just maybe, laughter.  To look into his eyes is to discover the measure of his power - a depth of thought, an impatience with ignorance and incompetence, and a breadth of passion for raw knowledge and the power attendant thereto which transcend mortal capacities. He is wearing sturdy brown leather sandals, a signet ring bearing the arms of Clementius, a simple scroll case, and a St. Clementius medallion.
  • Very advanced AI (Poergh). Weird reading old logs, I don't remember anything or the context.

    **********************************************[ Message Summary ]*********************************************
     [Msg#]  [From]       [Date]      [Summary]
        892  Poergh       11/06/10:33 Markuth bother you since yesterday?
        893  Poergh       11/06/10:33 Ah. good, good.
        894  Cypra        11/06/10:34 Your work with the orphans has been most commendable. However, if you are...
        895  Poergh       11/06/13:24 Heh, evaded in to shallam.
        896  Poergh       11/06/13:24 And got away.
        897  Daloc        11/06/13:28 You didnt hear this from me but bleak is after you.
        898  Deeva        11/06/13:29 Manu wasn't helping Shallam. I believe he was chasing Poergh into there a...
        899  Poergh       11/06/13:38 Nuuu.
        901  Poergh       11/06/14:04 Sorry, fighting, one sec, =(.
        902  Poergh       11/06/14:08 Does eavesdrop work while phased? -scratch-.
        903  Poergh       11/06/14:08 Okay, thank you.
        904  Poergh       11/06/14:08 Hrm, they're not saying anything.... hakresh is there too.
        905  Poergh       11/06/14:21 Sure.
        906  Poergh       11/06/14:21 -smile-.
        907  Poergh       11/06/14:22 Heh, the shop doesn't even have anything good...just clothes, and food.
        909  Nona         11/06/15:40 Meanie ... come back and unphase! :P.
        910  Poergh       11/07/7:41  Did it not get you? :-P.
        911  Poergh       11/07/7:57  One sec, deffing.
        912  Poergh       11/07/10:21 I'm back =).
        913  Poergh       11/07/11:30 Hehe, nice.
  • CarmellCarmell Eastern Washington
    Fen said:
    Does anyone know where I can find Xeno's story about Cain chucking his laptop out the window?
    I found the quotes on Aztecia's old site where Cain admits he punched a hole in his laptop.  I think the Xeno story was on the old forums.
  • AktillumAktillum Philippines
    Tranquility hawking his system (a bunch of zmud 3.1 triggers) for 800cr.

    Scheherazade threatening newbs over newbie channel and being told to "go suck Vellis dry", and subsequently having a shit-fit about it over Rage. "Did you hear what that noob told me?!?". I still LOL 12 years later.

    A certain someone from Shallam being solely responsible for the deletion of Chat / Rage.

    Ralph transcending nearly every skill by gambling the free novice lessons. Also him being titled "Ralph Wiggums" for a fairly long time.

    Calhoun math.

    The fact the guy who designed the Jester class really, really loved these guys IRL and even had a Juggalos clan.image

  • Anedhel said:
    Oh, also. Wasn't there some dragon monk who chucked javelins and then jpk'd you? Who was that? I don't think it worked much, but it was funny as hell.
    I suspect that was @Dethea.

    I remember going to spar with her in Mhaldor. I realised I was out of a few venoms, and she was like, "Oh, which ones? Let me help you! Here, have these." So nice. It was confusing, because I was expecting a ranking Mhaldorian to be, you know, mean and nasty and blood-curdlingly terrifying. Then we fought and she more or less laughed off my attacks and choked me out.

    The fight wouldn't have been fun if you didn't have all of your gear! 
  • Rebuilding Acropolis (ACP) on zmud once I figured out how to code on it... Shiro being my hero as a Paladin Dragon... Dragons being huge and intimidating... the first time I heard Santar meow at me- and how utterly terrified I was afterwards and hid offplane as much as I could to get away from him XD

  • How alive everything felt all the time
  • KenwayKenway San Francisco
    Iocun said:
    Fen said:
    Apparently Aztecia's site is down (for you new players, that had a great collection of hilarious logs).
    Nothing's ever gone on the internet.
    Well there went my Friday afternoon...

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  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
    Oh man, I remember this site.
    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
  • I'll fondly remember the days of my youth, energetically going about causing mischief and mayhem. But after all these long years I shamefully feel, even now, the slight sting of regret for those misspent early years. For not "living in the now". For failing to stop and smell the roses. To truly remember the most important things in life -the things we all take for granted.

    I'll always remember my youthful bladder control.

    I'll always look back fondly on the golden age, those wondrous years prior to the Skid-marked Underpants Era we live in today. Where little shits known as Maldaathi Grunts whisper in formation, "..Is the High Lord wearing Depend's Undergarments?"

    BECAUSE I'M ALMOST 400, ASSWIPE! I'll take crapping my fullplate over dumb and stupid any day of the week.

    Want to be #1 combatant someday? You'll be wishing you could still made it to the toilet someday. Consider your Novice exam terminated, you dormancy magnet!
    I -am- the Cataclysm Switchblade.
  • Ahh, Xenomorph. ;)
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    Ah, Achaea as it used to be, probably just those golden memories of being trashed as a newbie and thoroughly enjoying the banter that flowed between opponents even when you were losing had kept me playing most of these years.

    Now it has just degraded to people calling you a basement-dwelling dweeb without a life before he tries to pile you with 20 random newbies who don't know any better and everything seems to be steadily getting worse.

    Still good, solid, enjoyable years and I wouldn't change 'em for anything (except perhaps a life and being able to move out of my mom's basement).


  • HyperlithHyperlith San Fierro area, San Andreas
    Listening to people whine about credits sold via Market that cost 2500gp each.

  • I vaguely remember arguing with Herenicus about the size of his penis on the class lead forums. Does that count?
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    @Wronic :c I miss you, mentor. No one burned Karma quite like you did.

    I have undressed a god.

  • Necromancer mode activate!

    Looks like much of these players are gone. Did they retire or just plain leave the game? What drove them to leave? 
  • Oof, the 5-year necro.

    Well, some people grow up, develop a life that takes up too much time and little recreational use and they choose to use it at the gym or other games. The newest WoW expansion we saw a big dip in player activity.

    Some people grow bored, others frustrated. We cannot really speak for other players!
  • Being able to cowardice a Nightmare, Daemonite, and Fiend into the same room and then stacking them against your opponent.

    Poor man's Occultist. Also just miss the numbers. I remember one Year X00/X50 quiz where the server was sporting something like 1100 people online or something ridiculous. Maybe it was closer to 800. I can't remember but it was enough.

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