• Soulcage the starburst that doesn't cause XP and Blackwind the oh shit GTFO button
  • I enjoy necromancy thematically a bit more due to its nature of consuming and manipulating mortal essence directly. Devotion has more of the traditional 'beseech your God for powers' feel to it which is nice on its own merits, but a bit overplayed in general in fantasy literature and gaming. Necromancy seems a better fit for Achaea's overarching theme of player-driven conflict where the power, or bleeding heart of your victim, is literally in your hands.
  • @Hegua Great point! I hadn't considered that, although I have been thinking necromancy -thematically at least- feels more powerful.

  • Randomly curious to check poll, even though I've seen this question before, but that would require voting, which would be wrong...
  • ValdusValdus Australia
    I chose Devotion.

    I've a lot of experience with Necromancy in other IRE games. Since Achaea was the original, most of the skills are still a direct cut and paste. So it's fun and I have enjoyed it.

    Devotion hower? I've never played a Paladin/Priest class before. I know what the skills are and how they work, mostly. But never having had them before, I get that "Oh look at these cool skills!" feeling when thinking about them. Y'know, that feeling you get when you look at something new that you haven't played with before.

    Viva la Bluef.
  • If you want to go on offense, take Blackwind.

    Defense take rites.

    1v1 Infernal is much easier.
  • From the themes and concepts rather than any actual gameplay (I don't know enough for gameplay observations!), I prefer Runelore!

    I don't necessarily dislike Necromancy or Devotion, but they're just too good vs evil for my tastes. I prefer fantasy tools that have no inherent moral implications (or at least not so obvious ones), and can be used for any moral alignment, including good, evil, orange, blue, and even various shades of gray!

  • @Nim 50 shades of gray? Lol. I understand the neutrality appeal to some, but I've always been a very divided person. Almost Machiavellian in the sense I like to choose sides. I know runewarden doesn't prohibit that, but I dunno, just doesn't appeal to me too much.
  • soulspear, blackwind, and vengeance much cooler than anything devotion has to offer.

    Lifevision, vigour, vivi, and soulcage are cool too.

    Devotion's coolest things are pilg, rezz, and force, but those don't really compare

    piety/gravehands are a wash really.
  • Necro is of more personal benefit, less about helping other people, and less reliant on other people.
  • I must say I'm surprised there's not a lot of devotion love.. :o
  • Yeah, we all play the game.
  • Nothing sexier than Vivisect.

  • I love Devotion, but I have to agree that mechanically Necromancy is just so much more powerful. I've been a Paladin for ten or eleven years now, but if I was to start playing today I'd definitely pick Infernal instead.
  • The surest 1 on 1 kills I ever had (besides newbie crushing) were as an infernal.

    I actually prefer the idea and flavour of Devotion, but this is the combat section of the forums.
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  • Necromancy has the really sweet stuff.
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  • @Antonius Why have you stayed paladin for so long if you think a different knight class would be so much better?
  • @Varrorr Because that many years of building your roleplay around being a particular class and a part of a particular faction isn't something that's easy to throw away. There's not enough that's better about Infernal to make me want to switch.

    I was also quite heavily involved in a lot of changes to Paladin, and knights in general, as a classlead so there's an attachment for me as a player to the class there too.
  • @Antonius I understand. Glad you're happy! I'm eager to find some place/class to set roots down in :) You excited to get a whole new skill when they break crafting from classes?
  • Weaponry overhaul and splitting out tradeskills are easily the two things I'm looking forward to most.

    I'd like more of a focus on the mounted aspect of knighthood but I'm not sure how feasible that would be without making Riding an additional required "class" skill in the same way that Weaponry was when I started playing, unless there was a fair amount of overlap between the two.

    Falcons also have a lot of scope for being fleshed out into something that isn't just a passive attack for PvP with some utility abilities.
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    I'd love to see Falcons become different animals for the different knights, and do you know what's happening to Weaponry, and/or what knights are getting in exchange for forging? And how will full plate work?

    I like the riding to, but...I know a lot of classes suffer against them, and I prefer to walk around in combat :)


    EDIT: I know in Imperian the different knights had different pets. DIavlous hounds, runewardens had birds, I think paladins had a humgii? Not sure.

  • I don't know anything that hasn't been posted by Tecton already in the Mayaween Ask Your Producer thread. There don't seem to be any specifics just yet, which is understandable considering the scale of the changes involved.

    When they're ready and they have something concrete I'm sure they'll let everybody know about it.
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