The Monastery's Secret Life

@Jiraishin told me it would be far better in a new thread. I do not know. Still, here it is.

Found a cool online tool to create strips. For now only took characters for @Sherazad, @Ruth, @Zii, @Carmain, @Jurixe but others may appear later (if there is a "later")







  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    Oh gods, the facial expressions just fit so well. Haha.
    (D.M.A.): Cooper says, "Kyrra is either the most innocent person in the world, or the girl who uses the most innuendo seemingly unintentionally but really on purpose."

  • TuroiTuroi Missouri :(
    Sherazad said:
    @Orzaansyn: I'm not sure if those are puffy sleeves or breasts. >.>
    puffy breasts

    "Slowly disappear. Never really here."

  • @Orzaansyn: Well, you could bring a few jugfuls of water...see where I'm getting at?

  • I just started re-reading these on break... I'm laughing so hard
  • Yes, yes you should

  • Also, @Jurixe is in all of these. Phased.
    Miin-aan baash kimini-sij-i-gan bitooyin sij-i-gan-i bukwayszhiigan = blueberry π
  • Disappointed. Thought this was about the orgies
  • RIP @Orzaansyn 's comic?

    Miin-aan baash kimini-sij-i-gan bitooyin sij-i-gan-i bukwayszhiigan = blueberry π
  • Patience.
  • CaoimhaenCaoimhaen Targossas
    XDDD my brain hurts now @Orzaansyn‌ . That was frickin hilarious.

  • @Orzaansyn .... How? How are you so wonderful? That made made me laugh so happily!

  • Rofl @Orzaansyn You're amazing, and the carrots caught my attention. You know why.  :P
    and you will find.
    When you find, you will learn.
  • RuthRuth Singapore
    A+ effort. You capture how I speak as Ruth perfectly in non-official capacities. Laughed loudly at the whole thing.
    "Mummy, I'm hungry, but there's no one to eat! :C"


  • CaoimhaenCaoimhaen Targossas
    I just sit here laughing to myself. Haha. I never get tired of these.

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