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    The log of the Inferno fight really makes me think of a cross between Kratos and a DBZ episode.
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    Against my better judgement, and because Jiraishin doesn't want this thread to die...
    My first foray into ritual dueling, since I'd never done it before. Mistakes to be expected, hopefully the next one is better.
    (First to 3 points - Wasn't sure how to handle 'ties' until much later.)

    The ghost of a smile flit across Shirszae's lips as she steps back to her end of the theater. "...For the thrill of battle," she calls out at the same time she frees her bastard sword from a mercurial crystalline baldric of the Maw. Giving it an experimental swing, she squares off, then breaks into a run straight at you, lifting the blade at the very last moment in a heavy overhead swing.

    Calmly stripping from her armour, Pyori tosses the heavy covering into her corner of the theater. Brow lifting at the spoken words, she turns just in time to avoid Shirszae's swing, disappearing through the shadows and appearing a few feet away once more. Glowering at the Atavian woman, Pyori's lips twist up into a smirk as she manifests a large scythe into both hands, "And the rush of the challenge," she solemnly speaks.

    Shirszae snorts as you disappear into the shadows, her sword slashing instead at empty air. Undeterred, the Atavian smirks back at you, the tip of the blade momentarily resting against the floor as the Atavian's hand trace the runes etched deep into the carmine metal. With a sudden flush of icy power, the sword glows blue, the Atavian leveling the tip in your direction as a burst of hail materializes from thin air speeding to you.

    Free of the hefty armour that was covering her, Pyori was free to move more gracefully across the battlefield. Ever holding Shirszae's gaze, the Troll studies her with an almost predatory expression etched in her features. Attempting to close the distance between the two, Pyori advances and cleanly deflects the barrage of hail fired at her, sending chunks of ice spurting off in every direction and snidely remarks, "Surely that's not the best you've got, Warbringer."

    "...Its not like I've see you do much better, Eldritch Oracle," Shirszae taunts in turn, "...Maybe that sassy mouth of yours is really your greatest asset after all," says as her black wings unfurl. Speeding towards you again, the Atavian glides off the ground at the very last moment, reversing the grip on her sword and aiming the heavy snowblossom pommel straight at your midsection.

    Almost tauntingly, Pyori pokes the tip of her tongue out, licking across her teeth as she stares over Shirszae. Stepping into the onslaught this time, the Troll woman attempted a daring swing towards Shirszae's head, missing by a hair before being driven back by the force of the pommel hit. Wincing slightly and taking a step back, she nonetheless stood her ground with that ever-present smirking expression.

    Taken a little off-balance by your hardiness and the close call of the scythe swing, Shirszae leaps back out of immediate reach in a flurry of beating wings and black feathers. Lifting her sword in a proper two-handed grip, she studies you assessingly, though at times she almost seems to be merely admiring your figure.

    Glancing over Shirszae with a more keen awareness, Pyori moved in an almost flinching sort of manner with the hefting of the sword, springing backwards a few feet to reassess her position. "Not a fan of spontaneous beheadings, Shirs?" she sweetly asked, grin plastered across her features as she once more stabilised herself with scythe in both hands at the ready.

    [[ Bonus interactions from the fox observer: A bat-eared fox snorts haughtily, his beady eyes squinting around in disapproval. ]]
    [[ We decided here to make 'ties' award each other a point. Since we kept getting them.]]

    "...I know first-hand how nasty those scythes can be," Shirszae calls out in return. Weariness evident in every subtle shift of her body, the Atavian doesn't immediately drive back at you. Instead, she scratches five rough runes upon the stone floor, painting them red with a twist of her wrist upon the edge of her blade. At once the runes glow, a sudden harsh keening filling the air as they float like screaming bolts upon the air, launching themselves at you.

    Practically showing off, Pyori moved with a dancer-like grace as she once more closed the distance to Shirszae. Scythe gleaming with each impact upon the blade, she twirled the hefty weapon to cut each of those bolts from the air, avoiding them with fluid twists and turns. "Tired, dear?" she asks with a playful smile before outstretching the scythe blade-first towards Shirszae, taunting further action.

    Shirszae rolls her eye at you, her humour momentarily running out along her patience as she delivers a sudden, forceful strike at the shadowy shaft of your scythe, pushing it away, using the momentum of the blow to spin the lower half of her body and aim a kick right at your face.

    [[ Wyvern happy to see offense! -> A steel-plated wyvern tosses its head back and forth, crimson eyes alight with a lust for action. ]]

    Eyes gleaming mischievously, Pyori is startled briefly as the force of that swing causes her scythe to dissipate into thin air, the shock short-lived as she's forced to stumble against the strike from Shirszae's boots. Narrowing her gaze, she spins around her Atavian foe, utilising the momentum to strike down with a savage heelkick against the back of Shirszae's knees.

    Caught completely off-guard, Shirszae falls onto her butt with a sharp cry, her sword falling with a dull thud from her hands and cleaving down into the ground. Unbalanced and perhaps a little spooked, the Atavian rolls hastily away before springing back onto her feet, her hands empty save for a clumsily held knife as she attempt to adopt a combat stance.

    Raising a hand, Pyori balls her fist in front of her face and, within moments, a shadowy dagger coalesces into view in her grip. Lips curl into a wicked smile as she stares across the theater at Shirszae, leaning forwards slightly as her expression only grows more eerie. Not quite to the degree of Tsol'teth before her, she crossed the distance with nonetheless blinding quickness and knocked the flimsy weapon from Shirszae's grip, the tip of her dagger rising to just barely break skin at her foe's throat as she uttered one simple word: "Yield."

    Shirszae scowls at you, hands balling into fists, her body growing rigid, tensed as if moments before an attack. Then all at once she sighs, fists uncurled as she raises her hands in a well-known gesture of surrender. "...Aye, I yield. You win, Miss Sassy-Mouth," she says, only the barest hint of humour detectable on her voice.

    (Final score: 3-2 in my favour. Cutting out sappy emotes after this, given Pyori and Shirszae's closeness).

    Haven't written stuff like this in forever, so pretty rusty. Not my finest work, but it was better than I expected it to go. Practice practice.

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    I'm obviously biased but I'm very happy to see people ritual duelling more! Thanks for introducing, @Shirszae! My attention is fragmented and I haven't been able to give the Carmine Circle the love it needs, but of course I hope people get into it more and duel/find duels on their own.

    If you see any flaws in the system or have suggestions on how it can be improved I'm always up to hear them, too.
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    What is ritual dueling? I'm interested already, it looks very cool.
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    Ahh. I just noticed in one of the emotes I wrote weariness instead of wariness  :#

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    Octurian said:
    What is ritual dueling? I'm interested already, it looks very cool.
    Check out the Carmine Circle clan. It has all the information as far as I know.
    Shirszae said:
    Ahh. I just noticed in one of the emotes I wrote weariness instead of wariness  :#
    You actually did have 'wariness' ... My spellchecker changed it, I guess, because of how many times 'weariness' has shown up in my logs due to combat.

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