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  • KriemhildeKriemhilde California, US
    edited September 2017
    Jinsun said:
    Badass new statues means a crazy fucking Jinsun doing crazy sacrifices:


    That was awesome and it was an absolute honor to be the sacrifice for the Souleater. Thank you! 
  • And then I breathrained on their parade!  (okay it was lame and I didn't really do much of anything, but I tried!  Go team Fire and stuff!)
    Deucalion says, "Torinn is quite nice."
  • KriemhildeKriemhilde California, US
    Torinn said:
    And then I breathrained on their parade!  (okay it was lame and I didn't really do much of anything, but I tried!  Go team Fire and stuff!)
    E for Effort! 
  • It was very fun to do and come up with!

    The music was amazing, very well done.

  • I thought it was great! @Hataru was hilarious IMHO
  • HataruHataru Midwest USA
    Nylian said:
    I thought it was great! @Hataru was hilarious IMHO
    Y'all got to meet Hashani!Hat and you're welcome.
    (Mhaldor's Next Top Model): Melodie says, "Get rekt scrubbbbb."
    (Mhaldor's Next Top Model): You say, "Scrubbbssss."
    (Mhaldor's Next Top Model): Trey says, "Austere was hangin' out the passenger side of his best friend's ride, apparently."
  • The music was wonderfully composed, Maestra @Shayde. Everything about the ball was wonderful and spooky, and I'm glad we had it in the graveyard. Props to @Hataru and @Alrena for being suitably disgusted by all the dancing.

    We had waltzes, a tango, and classic swaying, but @Nylian spoke for us all.
    Nylian gives @Cresil an appreciative whistle.

    Reaching down with a massive hand, Sartan lifts your head and draws a taloned finger across your throat, the wound closing as He does so.

  • config clothesline on, scrub
  • I could definitely see Cooper permanently looking like that.
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    It's not too late for him to design and win a permanent, resetting "a Stheno costume".
  • Awesome RP with @Ankhareoutef.  Also posted in Raves:
    Deucalion says, "Torinn is quite nice."
  • You say in a soft-spoken voice, "Squire Salisa will be our mediator, or better known as a referee. 
    She will be making all the announcements, while the Curator Shirszae and I will fight in a best of 
    five. Though it won't be your typical fighting most of you know and keep up defenses for. And if 
    there's any interested, we'd welcome you to give it a go after us."

    Vika ponders for a moment and shrugs, "I think that's everything! Please sit back 
    and enjoy! Any questions should be saved for after the fight!"

    Vika slips into the ring, moving away from the spotlight to provide room for Salisa.

    Salisa says in a whimsical voice, "We'll start by deciding who goes first. Curator, heads or tails?"

    Shirszae steps into the ring at the opposite end from you.

    Shirszae says with a faded Kamleikanese accent, "Tails."

    Salisa says in a whimsical voice, "Tails it is, will you start or allow Vika the honour."

    Vika snorts in mild amusement, grinning in good nature and taking her place across 
    from Shirszae.

    "...She can start, aye," Shirszae says, her lips twitching as she pulls Caoineadh, a massive long-
    hilted carmine sword from a kabbalist's baldric.

    Vika grins and twirls her blades, "For the thrill of battle!"

    Shirszae says loudly with a faded Kamleikanese accent, "...And the rush of challenge."

    You exclaim in a soft-spoken voice, "May the best duelist win!"

    Salisa raps her scythe against the floor loudly, looking between the two opponents, "This is a 
    tournament style duel. May the best duelist win! Begin when ready." She says before takes a few 
    steps back.

     Not too long after her words are spoken, Vika dashes forwards with her blades 
    towards Shirszae, throwing all her weight to the side to swing both scimitars heavily at Shirszae's 

    Almost at the same, Shirszae launches forward as well, hefting her massive sword in a slash aimed at 
    your side. Instead, the carmine blade crashes against the slender scimitars, neither opponent 
    gaining any manner of advantage.

    Salisa says in a whimsical voice, "Vika's lunging attack is met in kind by Shirszae's quick wit! No 
    one is awarded a point, and the match will continue with Shirszae."

    With a growl of effort, Shirszae attempts to continue forward, struggling to push away your 
    scimitars away from your person before launching a kick at your midsection.

    Quicker and bearing the grace of dual-wielding, Vika dances away from the kick 
    Shirszae throws at her, pulling her scimitars away at the same time so that the large blade Shirszae 
    bears hits the ground roughly. Spinning around and behind the Atavian, Vika taps her scimitar 
    against the unprotected back of Shirszae's neck lightly.

    Salisa says in a whimsical voice, "Shirszae moved from a normal attack, into a power attack, but 
    Vika's normal attack has beaten her back! First point goes to Vika, and it is her go."

    Holding the high ground, Vika takes a few steps back and quickly throws some inks 
    onto the ground. Using the tip of her scimitar to make an inscrutable rune, a tall wall of stone 
    quickly raises up to bar away the Human from Shirszae.

    Promptly turning to face you with her sword raised in a defensive fashion, Shirszae can't help but 
    snort as the stonewall goes up in front of you. Slightly put off, she brushes the bloodied back of 
    her neck, probing at the wound there.

    Salisa says in a whimsical voice, "Both opponents have opted to take the defense, again ending in 
    the tie! The battle still leans in Vika's favour and the Curator must decide what to do now."

    Wiping her bloodied fingers on her leather tunic, Shirszae crouches much like you did earlier, 
    scrawling a number of runes upon the stone floor. Immediately it begins to rumble, a few slim cracks 
    spreading from her position towards you, ending with a rather fearsome shake as a powerful surge 
    erupts right beneath you.

    "Wuh!" Vika says in a bit of alarm as the pit quakes. Quickly dashing around the 
    stone wall and lunging her blades towards Shirszae with an absurd amount of speed. Beating the 
    Thurisaz runes, Vika points both her blades on either side of Shirszae's neck, grinning cheekily 
    with sweat dripping down her forehead.

    Salisa says in a whimsical voice, "Quick to action, Vika sees through Shirszae's powerful attack, 
    and with a quick attack of her own claims victory in this bout!"

    With a mirthful laugh that belies the fact she has two razor-sharp scimitars set against her neck, 
    Shirszae inclines her head at you.

    Voc says in a gruff, baritone voice, "An interesting style."

    Vika grins and withdraws, sheathing her blades and bowing towards Shirszae. "Well 
    fought, Duelist!"

    Shirszae rolls her shoulders and then bows in kind to you. "...You did quite nicely."

    Vika turns to face the crowd gathered, wiping her forehead with a grin. "That's 
    ritual dueling! And we have a little under half a day left, if anyone else would like to give it a 
    go! Please give a hearty applause for our Curator!"

    <Lots of applause>
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